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Scientific term Malus pumila Mill


The rambling rose section apple the second section apple belong to a plant, sheding leaves tall tree

Appearance appearance

Shed leaves tall tree, the tree is high and can reach to 15 meters, educating generally high 3-5 meterses under condition.The tree trunk dust-colour, the old skin contain peeling off the irregular Zong Lie or slice form, the small is smooth.Leaf's preface gets with each other for the single leaf, oval go to the egg circular, leaf's good luck contain teeth of a saw.Brought pink when the umbrella building inflorescence, the flower petal white, contained Bao, stamen 20, the flower column 5.The fruit is the Ren fruit, color and sizes because of species and difference.


Pleased light, the pleased and tiny acidity goes to neutral soil.The most suitable is deep in the soil layer, enrich to have the machine quality, the heart soil ventilates to drain good sand quality soil.


There are more than  specieses that have already known.Good kind:"The popular actor series", "red Fuji", "Joe the Na Sen" waits for.The kind of the United States has:The Red Delicious(Hong Kong call the land utilization snake fruit, the brief name snake fruit, Taiwan is called five claw apples), Gold Delicious etc..In addition to the species of the fresh food, apple had already cooked to use still, have a function of keeping the water due to the tartaric acid of the apple, so feat roast Ju.


The apple has a great deal of fruit gum, this kind of dissolubility cellulose can reduce the content of the cholesterol and bad cholesterol.Waiting for size while winning don't the apple of the paring can provide 3.5 cellulose(even paringed, also cellulose with 2.7 grams) of the grams, is nourishment the expert suggest of RNA  is above, and only calories with 80 calorieses.The research of"American physiology periodical" points out that get fruit peel in the scarlet, as apple and lift son etc., all check to have Resveraltrol.That material can reduce the breath system to include inflammations, such as windpipe and the lung department...etc., controling the asthma and chronic to jam sex pneumonia thus etc. disease Zheng.

The fruit gum in the apple and Rou are sour to have already refrained from rash action a function, can the bowel way inside accumulate to gather of the toxin and discard eject the outside of the body.Among them thick fiber can loose and soft night soil, benefit in excrete;The organic acid can stimulate the bowel wall, the increment wriggles a function.


The apple has abundant vitamin B1, the B2 BCs and carrot plain, the smoke is sour(also call the vitamin B5), still having sour etc. of sugar, fat, protein, fruit gum, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, cellulose, malic acid, Rou in addition.


The apple nickname"the memory fruit", because the apple enriches to contain a zinc element,

The zinc constitutes and remembers a necessary element of the germane nucleic acid and protein.

Once lacking zinc, the brain skin layer edge sea horse area develops namely not whole, the influence memory.

So, eats the effect that the apple has already raised intelligence more.

Fragrant Xun treatment is the recent years spreads of putting aside and suppressing Yu with suppress feeling of one of the good method.

And numerous fragrant Xuns in, through the research result, apple fragrant Xun to person of mental influence biggest,

It has the function that the cancellation mental state suppresses the Yu feeling, many patients are once inhaling apple aroma,

The spirit becomes pleased Ping-ho right away.

二、Introduction  of  Apple  seeds :


In order to research and exploit apple seed resource, the main nutritional ingredients and physicochemical parameter of apple seed and oil were analyzed. The apple seed contains 27.7% oil, in which the content of unsaturated fatty acid is over 89. protein,  moisture and trace elements. The physicochemical parameters of the oil are as follows: n^20 1.4734, d(superscript 20 subscript , SV 186.5mgKOH/g. The results indicate that there are rich nutritional ingredients in the apple seed, which have wide prospect in the held of food.

The apple seed contains a great deal of EDERLINE-L, plant sex hormone, grows Fen among them and have to fatty acids, can make the chest fat cell absorb, make the chest type a full health.

Stabilizing the apple seed after fermenting through the leaven its high anti- oxidizes an ability, matching the activity of the grape carbohydrate sour gag metals ion, can't make the melanin oxidize deposition, the saccharides Bo uric acid shields in the skin surface layer formation, raising cell to contain amount of water, letting the light Cai that the skin sends forth delicate and soft Xi of water.

Applied characteristic

The Jian chest enlarges.In addition to wrinkly.The anti- is aging


1、The plant hormone Jian chest enlarges a live thing, anti- aging function, synthesize a collagen in the leather layer

Many cell plant bodies are a complicated organisms, its developing the coordination square who have to depend on the cell height normally can reach, playing the role of[with] this cell contact at this time, mainly is a hormone.The hormone is the letter that the chemistry material constitutes to make, being responsible for the message that delivers the cell, and moderating a related growth and growth.The plant hormone that the present is approved mainly has five major type:Grow hormone(auxin), arouse a Bo vegetable(gibberellin), cell division vegetable(cytokinin) and leave a layer sour(the abscisic acid) with ethylene(ethylene), besides, also have many An.

Grow hormone

Growing the hormone is find most is found of plant hormone, in root the point and the caulis crest synthesize, then move to each part of plant through the stem luck.The physiology function that grows hormone includes to have already promoted the cell grow and divide, the inducement of the root, incline to the reaction and the Yi bud, blossom and growth of the fruit.

All approving the growth hormone generally can regulate the cell growth and the stem elongation, in addition to stimulate the cell grow up, growing hormone to also participate to regulate cell to divide.Besides, the elongation function of the root to grow special sensitive of hormone, IAA to the function that the root has already promoted it grow, however the density of the usage has to be rather low, about 10-8 Ms or much lower.The higher growth hormone density usually will promote the elongation of the caulis, and repress the growth of the root.Repress the growth of the root, mainly is because of the growth hormone of the high density and will stimulate the ethylene creation with the result that.In the aspects of spending to develop with fruit, usually growth hormones of the in addition all will incline to formation of repressing the flower, this is because of growth hormone lead get of the ethylene cause.But the plant exception of the pineapple section, use the growth hormone or ethylene and will urge it to bloom in .Besides, the growth hormone can promote single sex mainly is in the Jia section, bottle gourd section, orange to belong to as a result etc. crops.

Arouse a Bo vegetable

Arouse the Bo vegetable with the in addition to the plant, can cause the stem take out to grow in great quantities;Arouse the Bo vegetable to also participate the seed germination and in early days Pei growth hour albumen store nutrient of the luck moved, and flower and fruit of growth.

At the physiology function aspect, arousing the Bo vegetable can urge Cu to get the plant caulis department to take out long, but contrary of, some chemistries materials that repress to arouse the Bo vegetable to synthesize, can arouse Bo a vegetable by the decrease plant body, so repress the stanza to take out long.Apply on the business flower growth, can produce more close and short flower turned, as poinsettia, chrysanthemum etc. is rather useful.Can make it become a shorter and strong and tough caulis to pour by avoiding Fu to also reduce the nourishment growth and cut on the farming.Besides, at the seed sproutlace, arousing the Bo vegetable can stimulate the creation of the He undergraduate course plant seed Hu powder layer α -starch Mei, the luck that produces with the decomposition and nutrient of the carbohydrate and the protein material moves.

Cell division vegetable

The cell division vegetable is the derivatives of the gland fat purine, the main characteristic is the cell division that can promote propagation.Besides it will also influence the caulis and the root in the propagation divide, the side bud of growth, leaf's slice aging etc. of growth and leaf's slice that opens a green body of exhibition, leaf.

The cell division vegetable can be used for producing the Yu wound organization or suspend cell in the propagation.Besides it will also influence the appearance occurrence of the development organization, the Yu harms organization of the growth have to rely on cell division vegetable and growth hormone of the Mo ear density come to balance.If cell division the plain density is high in the growth hormone, then will induce growth of the bud body, being growth the hormone density high in cell division vegetable, then promote the root develop.Therefore want  a control only properly, plant canned divide a creation an integrity.In the aging(senescence) process, the cell division vegetable can defer aging velocity of its nature.Besides in other effects, the cell division vegetable can break a bud advantage and promote the side bud grow.

The  leaves a layer sour

Leave a layer sour is one single compound of compound, mainly participate the seed germination to regulate, induce synthesizing of the store protein and regulate humidity adverse circumstances.

The two greatest realms of the ABA function is the luck that develops and sproutlaces to store material in the seed to move, and leaf's slice to the reaction of the humidity adverse circumstances. The ABA induces the light and the function outcome to develop in of seed ambulation, and promote the store synthesize proteinly.In the germination of the Gu seed, the ABA will offset to arouse the promotive reaction that the Bo vegetable synthesizes to the starch Mei.In the humidity adverse circumstances, because leaf's slice is placed in the water shortage situation, the ABA in leaf's slice will synthesize quickly and in great quantities, and repress pore to open, in order to prevent the humidity steams to spread excessively.


The ethylene is the air numerator of a kind of simple carbon hydrogen compound, although ethylene to growth of contain equal influence, isn't very important to the general nourishment growth.

The plant assembles ethylene while facing adverse circumstances, or is in agingly or the back the familiar process, organize and will produce a great deal of ethylene.The ethylene is usually used for promote banana or other back familiar fruit of back familiar function.Besides some in addition growths reaction that the hormone causes is because of causing the ethylene creation cause, grow hormone not to get originally cause.The physiology role aspect that the ethylene develops in the nourishment, ethylene to the caulis, root, petiole of the hydrophyte or the half hydrophyte etc. the structure contain function of promoting the elongation.In the aspects of blooming a function, the ethylene usually will repress or defer to bloom a function, but in the pineapple section, as the pineapple, the ethylene then will promote it bloom.

2.The plant steroid anti- eliminates inflammation a function anti- scar formation function


The solid Chun is the fat clan is four wreath Chun(the Aliphatic tetracyclic alcohols)s, usually by the animal source income, be called cholesterol(Cholesterol) and by the plant source income, be called solid Chun of plant

(Phytosterols), include Sitosterol, Campesterol and Stigmasterol etc.s.Usually natural plant the solid Chun regard β -Sitosterol as principle, secondly and one after another is the Campesterol and Stigmasterol.

Applied characteristic Repress a skin various Yan disease and scratch an itch a disease, improve, the sunburn flush, rising the bubble exudation etc. problem

The result of the plant Zi Chun is mainly hurt to the skin or the injury of[with] the environment influence, to the sunburn, flush, have the bubble Zhen etc. is good cure a function, have very good result in the anti- Sao Yang particularly and have no side effect

The plant Zi Chun is very nearly a kind of and the chemistry structure characteristic of the animality cholesterol of plant composition, and only come from a plant, is the cotton seed, coconut, the Lao pear and soybean particularly.The plant Zi Chun is used for outside use, have incitement, town of ease to calm down, eliminate inflammation with rebirth of function.Increase to maintain a product in the hairdressing in the middle, suit the sensitive skin usage very much, is also very obvious to the treatment result of elder's spot and the scar formation.

3.Growing the Fen Lin fat anti- oxidizes a piece to use to resist a free radicals

Related name:Vitamin E

Chemistry structure:

The numerator that grows Chun includes the wreath form structure and pays a chain two parts, adhering to pay a chain last saw its having be not divided into a saturated type with not the saturation two major type, the saturated type is called "tocophperol", the not saturated type is called "tocotrienol".Each a type again can become α according to the wreath form structure top A Ji position and distinction-, β -, γ -, δ -four.So the vitamin E includes eight kinds of chemistry compositions with almost identical structure actually.


The oil dissolves sex anti- to oxidize the nourishment vegetable, having the ability of the clearance free radicals, can and fat coexistence, protect the unsaturated fatty acid of the film, be responsible for the anti- oxygenation of the cell membrane.Acceptance inside the body oxidizes the organization and cell of the pressure, for example the red corpuscle, muscle...etc. all need the protection of the vitamin E, the in order to prevent organization gets hurt and influences physiology function.

The unsaturated fatty acid takes When the quantity increase, also increase immediately to the need of the vitamin E.

Lack of a problem

The vitamin E exists various plant foods in, and can store on organization inside the body, the ordinary people seldom take place to lack of a problem, but the disease and special physiology condition may cause to lack of.

Lack of condition of illness

Dissolving the anemic red corpuscle cell membrane of guts is broken by free radicals and hurt, causing to dissolve the blood phenomenon, the red corpuscle life shortens and causes anemic.

Exercise the out of tune ﹙ Ataxia ﹚ because the nervous tissue is damaged and the muscle moderate badly, the step is unsteady, reflecting function to die down, the eye muscle paralysis, the serious hour can't act completely, the nervous tissue metabolism slow-moving, after getting hurt very difficult renewal, therefore to the breakage of the free radicals most is sensitive.

Lack of reason

The premature infant is because of having not yet stored enough body fat, the vitamin E of the store inside the body few.The absorption of the vitamin E needs the concert of the grease, the gall is detained, the fiber turn a bag swollen, the pancreas Yan etc. the disease make the fat absorb badly, causing the vitamin E absorb shortage, then making the brain spinal nerve function damaged.

The activity calculates unit:

α -Grow the Chun equivalent ﹙α -tocopherol equivalent, the TE ﹚ has various chemistry forms due to the vitamin E, the physiology activity of different form dissimilarity, pluses the form that the food contains each have special features, so the total effect of the vitamin E in the food with α -grow the Chun equivalent ﹙α -tocopherol equivalent, the α-TE ﹚ indicates, the other form all converts to live equal α -grow the quantity of the Chun, because human body inside with α -grow the activity of the Chun the most high.

The international unit ﹙ IU ﹚ with the chemistry synthesizes of dl-α -grow the activity of the Chun acetic acid ester ﹙ dl-α -tocopherol acetate ﹚ is standard, each one international unit equal  to 1 mg dl-α -grow the Chun acetic acid ester, due to activity lower, effect only have  TE.

(1 mg)

α-﹙mg α-TE﹚


α- tocopherol



β- tocopherol



γ- tocopherol



δ- tocopherol



α- tocotrienol



dl-α-tocopherol acetate



4.Plant the essential fatty acids Zha have softness to the dry and allergic skin to hydrate result

Essential fatty acids and the healthy relation of the skin

The skin cans be treated as human body a defense line, can protect a human body, avoid being polluted by the external world, the direct injury of the harmful material.The fat in the skin includes fat materials, such as essential fatty acids, not- essential fatty acids and cholesterol...etc., main function is lubricate and repair skin cell, make the skin keep sheen.

After the essential fatty acids and cholesterol combine, the stable appearance become, can help to maintain cell membrane normal transparence, make cell internal to reserve humidity, the skin nature will become a water a water of, have flexibility.

The growth velocity and healthy degree of the skin cell, has a close relation with cell membrane also, if lack of must fatty acids, cell membrane of mobility will become bad, the nourishment material allows of no to enter cell easily, cell the output discard also allows of no to eject easily.The cell can't metabolize normally, will cause the skin problem produce then.

The formation of the pimple comes from the sebum gland in the skin hair bag, secreting an excessive grease, and after grease jam pore, the germ breeds then and therein, causing the phenomenon of the skin inflammation, red and swollen heat pain.Plusing the pimple clan love Kou, love pushes of bad habit, the wound infects, not easy the Yu match a problem to pile up one after another more.

Find according to the scholar's research:By essential one of the members' ω in the fatty acids-3 fatty acidses, the prostaglandin synthesized, and moderate the skin inflammation reaction, the wound Yu to match germane.Therefore enrich to contain ω -3 fatty acidses(for example time the flaxen oil is sour, EPA, DHA), will have a help for having the pimple problem.

Function function

.The plant hormone aggrandizement chest, the safe Jian chest function, promotes the hair growth prevent falling hair from.

.Can help realize collagen Ⅰ .The Ⅱ and fiber stick to a function that connect egg white's synthesize.

.Clean crease, the anti- is aging.

.The anti- scar formation handles, the skin Yu matches degree to reach to

.Repairing the cave hole result matches the THYMULENE ETF(the epidermis thymus gland factor), the keratin synthesizes a function(the result is sour like the Wei its life A) to have more concretely soon effect.