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Vanilla flower water Vanilla: May mean that the vanilla orchid is sometimes called a herb and it is a plant that emits a unique fragrance. There are also functions such as seasoning making spices or extracting essential oils many of which also have medicinal value.

There is a kind of valerian because of its roots and stems will emit a faint aroma also known as vanilla the plant is shorter than the general maggot grass mainly in eastern Europe and Taiwan wet areas the rodents have a strong preference for this type of aroma cats often observe Near the vanilla waiting for the rodents to be attracted to prey this kind of vanilla has aroma and sedative effect besides aromatic odor.
Although the herb generally refers to the portion taken from the leaves of green plants but includes flowers fruits seeds bark roots etc. all parts of the plant may be medicine. Vanilla is an important component of traditional medicine in various countries of the world and provides most of the medicinal materials that can be used to treat diseases. However due to population growth and urban expansion the natural environment for the growth of plants has been destroyed and with the rise of chemical and pharmaceutical applications the use of herbaceous plants has declined in modern times.

Fragrant herbs fragrant herbs and other aromatic plants contain aromatic essential oils antioxidants and bactericidal substances. They can not only repel mosquitoes and flies beautify the environment purify the air and beautify the home but also are widely used for beauty bathing diet and medical treatment. Lavender rosemary thyme musk etc. are sought after by fashionistas. They use the extracts and dried flowers of these plants to make aromatic beauty treatments in SPAs drink herbal drinks in cafes or take them with you. Sachets and sachets are quite popular.

This type of vanilla as a stylish pot has begun to enter the fashion room. Essential oils and dried flavor substances extracted from aromatic plants are important flavoring agents in the food cosmetics soap and pharmaceutical industries. These products have been well sold in domestic and foreign markets and exported to Russia the United States etc. showing an attractive market development space. In 2003 the United States ordered more than 1000 tons of essential oils in China. Beijing Shanghai and other places annually sell tens of millions of seedlings and dried spices such as rosemary lavender and mint which have increased substantially year by year. The market is very optimistic.

Vanilla is native to Mexico and Central Americans have extensive plantings of vanilla. In the sixteenth century the Spanish conquerors conquered Central America and introduced both herbs and chocolate to Europe. The English name of vanilla is vanilla the word vanilla
Originated from the Spanish vocabulary 'vanilla' meaning 'card pods' in Spanish.

European herbs play an important role in the European horticultural industry. Many horticultural departments and enthusiasts have their own special herb gardens. They collect and cultivate a variety of herbs and plant them in the garden allowing them to be distributed or light throughout the year. Or a rich variety of scent it is refreshing.

It has been scientifically proven that some of these aromas can be sterilized disinfected and insect-repellent and some can regulate the central nervous system which is very beneficial to human health and leads people out of the sub-health state. Such as scented mint can refresh the brain red basil can cure cough and diarrhea. Due to the multi-effects of European herbs the international market has a huge sales volume. The vanilla produced in China is in short supply in the international market and its development prospects are attractive.

beautify environment
Garden plants fresh show China has proposed the slogan of “greening landscaping and aroma” in the construction of gardens.

Herbal Lemongrass
After a few days of putting the vegetables in the package the smell is not good. For example putting a box of herbs and vegetables with a long-lasting scent will make the scent overflowing the box. This is not the icing on the cake. Lemon basil is a very good vanilla vegetable it does not choose the soil fast growth easy cultivation high yield very few pests and diseases can be used as vegetables salad fried soup but also for fillings taste special good. Again such as Mayan Spanish oregano etc. are also very good vanilla vegetable varieties health effects are remarkable.

A. Aromatic cuisine
Aromatic plants not only have a variety of shapes but also attractive aromas. Applying them to food not only increases appetite and enriches the taste of food but also has a certain therapeutic effect. The consumption of aromatic plants is very common in foreign countries. There are also some traditional methods of food consumption in China. The following are some of the following:
As a main ingredient into the dish. Such as arugula dandelion tarragon Artemisia and other tender stems and leaves you can directly boiled with boiled water and then mix with salt sugar sesame oil monosodium glutamate and other condiments edible arugula apple mint etc. can also be made salad raw food. Gardenia can be used to make tea first and when the taste of tea is reduced the flowers can be added to the pot and mixed with sweet and sour taste. The aroma and energy are very delicious.

As an ingredient spices are added to the dish to add color and flavor to the dishes. Western cuisine commonly used basil oregano thyme sage rosemary fennel dill etc. to add flavor to the dishes Japanese cuisine commonly used basil with fish China's traditional flower dishes such as Rose shrimp chrysanthemum hot pot etc. commonly used lemon grass in Yunnan grilled fish with mint leaf burning soup beef stew with roast pork.

Make desserts with aromatic plants. For example our country's traditional rose stuffing moon cake made with stuffed perilla glutinous rice balls osmanthus glycosides sweet-scented osmanthus soup; lotus leaf wrapped chicken steamed omelettes; wormwood greens joined anise rosemary thyme baked western sweets Wait.

Here are some simple ways to make aromatic foods:
1 vinegar rose mint
Fresh roses go to the root choose to clean put the plate. 250 grams of refined oil 100 grams of white vinegar 0.5 grams of tarragon broken leaves 100 grams of celery at the end a dice of pickled cucumber cooked at the end of the egg a little black pepper stir into vinegar poured on the rose Put in the refrigerator. When you eat pour some vinegar and add a few drops of red pepper sauce.
2. Aromatic oil
Aromatic oils are made from refined oils preferably olive oil soaked in dried aromatic plants such as aromatic vinegar. The resulting aromatic oil can be used directly for cooking dishes. Compared with other oils refined olive oil has less calories and more moisture. It is a healthy and delicious cooking oil. Olive oil soaked with herbs is even more delicious. It can be used directly for salad dressing and coated on bread. Can also be used as a health massage beauty skin care. Because the aromatic components contained in the aromatic plants are resistant to oxidation the oil soaked in the aromatic plants can be preserved for a longer period of time without deterioration.
Plants suitable for soaking aromatic oils: sage thyme basil rosemary oregano mugwort tarragon lemongrass mint anise perilla safflower etc.
3 aromatic wine
Aromatic wine can be soaked in high-alcohol liquor with moderate amounts of crystal sugar such as the production of aromatic vinegar. The resulting aromatic wine can be directly consumed or used as a brewing cocktail with a variety of colors and unique flavors.
Plants suitable for aromatic wines are: lemongrass basil chamomile mint fennel lavender thyme basil saffron tarragon mugwort osmanthus.

Second aromatic herbal tea
Aromatic herbal tea is different from Chinese traditional tea and it is also different from medicinal health tea because it basically does not use Chinese tea and all the incoming tea materials are aromatic plants. It must have health functions but not the usual bittersweet medicine but it is very sweet. . Aromatic herbal tea is characterized by aromaticity nutrition medicinal properties and color. As early as 300 years ago Europeans had consciously chosen some flavors fragrances and flavors. Plants with certain health functions were formulated into daily beverages called Fangcao Tea and gradually developed herbal teas into a casual and fun drink. This atmosphere quickly spread throughout Europe then into the United States Japan Hong Kong and Taiwan and even the mainland are extremely popular. When drinking people feel as if they are in beautiful nature. The body and mind are relaxed giving people a feeling of pleasure. Therefore it is popular among urbanites with a tight rhythm.

Ice Drink: Summer ice peppermint tea chamomile tea etc. is also very delicious but only a little thicker. That is the amount of raw materials remains unchanged but the amount of water is reduced by 1/3-1/2 so that the taste of herbal tea is not diluted after adding ice cubes.
In addition to being able to serve as an afternoon tea it is also a good choice if you combine the pharmacological functions with a soft herbal tea. For example you can enjoy refreshing mint tea in the morning; after meals you may wish to add lemon verbena tea to promote digestion; before going to bed it is suitable for drinking Western Chamomile tea to help sleep.
Busy busy urbanites may choose to take a safe corner and sit down and put on a piece of soft music. Soak up a pot of herbal tea full of natural flavor with a light and refreshing snack or read it alone. Or three or five friends talk lightly and laugh letting the tired heart rest.

Third aromatic bodybuilding
Aromatic plants have been used in beauty since ancient times. It is said that the beautiful queen of ancient Egypt Cleopatra often used aromatic plants as beauty products to maintain her charms. The soup of Yang Guifu in the Tang Dynasty in China was soaked daily with aromatic plants. Bathe to maintain the skin's aroma.
In the Renaissance West there was a 'Hungarian Queen's Water' that spread widely among women. It is said that the Queen uses it every day so she always keeps her youthful and beautiful. It uses rosemary mint leaves rose petals and mandarin orange. Made of water lemon and alcohol.
In addition to beauty aromatic plants are often used to purify and heal body and mind. This is because many medicinal ingredients contained in aromatic plants are at work. On the other hand because of their natural fragrance they can reconcile human emotions. It gives people a pleasant feeling. Mint helps people to establish a positive outlook on life and thus regulate the immune system which has beneficial effects on body and mind.

The aromatherapy that is popular in modern society mainly refers to the use of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants massage sniffing water bathing and other means to carry out health beauty and emotional reconciliation and is generally done in professional beauty salons. The effect is extraordinary and the price is not low. In fact there are various kinds of essential oils that are sold in small bottles on the market. We can do some simple aromatherapy in the family through incense bathing massage spraying etc. so that we can adjust our mind and body at any time.

However careful use of essential oils: pregnant women babies people with allergies try to avoid. In addition to the direct use of essential oils we can also use aromatherapy with the roots and leaves of fresh or dried aromatic plants. This is not only milder and less irritating but it also gives people a feeling of being close to nature. In natural plant fragrances Relax our nerves reflect on the relationship between self and nature and obtain harmony and health of body and mind.

1 grass bath
The bathing of the roots stems and leaves of aromatic plants can not only cleanse the body and nourish the skin but also eliminate muscle soreness stabilize the nerves promote blood circulation alleviate insomnia with unexplained causes cold deficiency syndrome shoulder acid low back pain loss of appetite constipation etc. symptom. The delightful aroma emitted by the bath soup can make people feel more comfortable relieve fatigue and improve the body's natural immunity. This is undoubtedly a good way to relieve stress for urban residents with tight rhythm of life.
The preparation of the grass bath is very simple. First choose the grass (fresh or dry) according to your own body needs (refer to the functional table of aromatic plants) and the preferences for the fragrance. Then chop the fragrant grass with a gauze bag or clean stockings. Add boiling water to decoction into the pot (the leaves of some grasses that can easily release the ingredients can be directly put into the warm bath soup) adjust the temperature of the bath soup (38~40 degrees) and pour into the grass Decoction if there are fresh petals and fragrant leaves floating some of the water it is more pleasing. Usually soaked in bath for about 20 minutes during which you can use the bag containing grass in the body parts flapping massage.

2 homemade aromatic cosmetics
Rose water: 1 tablespoon of rose dried flowers (2 tablespoons of flowers) add 600 ml of boiling water and cover it for 2 hours and cool. Apply morning and night after cleansing your skin to make skin firm and ruddy.
Hair conditioner: 2 tablespoons of fresh rosemary leaves (one spoon of dried leaves) are boiled in boiling water and then simmer for 10 minutes. Filter and add 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar. Commonly used UFA.
Mouthwash: One sage of dry leaves of sage boiled in 200 ml of boiling water boiled for 10 minutes after extinguishing and add one spoonful of apple cider vinegar and honey after filtering. Commonly used teeth whitening.
Skin oils: Vegetable oils (preferably olive oil) impregnated with aromatic plants can be used both for cooking and for skin massage.