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一、 Introduction:

Queen bee milk

The queen bee milk and then"queen bee syrup" is  collect by the work bee of pollen nectar after it chewing descend gland with the Yan head to secrete the liquid dissolve to bring about, is high unit natural and live hormone is the precious food that uses to feed queen bee, also using to feed to just was born the You Feng;(eat the queen bee milk and will become the queen Feng over a long period of time contiguously in the You Feng)Color,such as the butter form, , bring sour and hot flavor slightly.The queen bee and work bee belong to the same pantheress, the queen bee eats the queen bee milk behind the life is longer than general work bee (the life of the work bee 1-3 months, queen bee 4-5 years), and produce egg everyday grain, compare the queen bee weight far for heavy!All countries scholar dedicates a research, proving the queen bee milk has astonishing growth power indeed, activating power, vitality, virility is the purely natural comprehensive sex nourishment material, can improve constitution, promoting growth, prevent agingfrom, make sex function strengthen, and hairdressing etc. function.To promote the result that the cell propagated obviously.

The ingredient of the queen bee milk:

Is the ingredient that the other foodses can't include fresh queen bee milk directly by the queen bee set the purely natural and live material that adopt to accept the main ingredient is sparse and sour for the live egg white and J, sugar egg white enzyme etc....The live egg white is to the cell very astonishing of resurrection power, J is sparse and sour to have strong power, it disinfects function.

Its ingredient is as follows:Have vitamin(VITAMIN) B1, B2, B6, BI2, A, C, D, E and be suffused with sour(the PANTOTHENIC ACID) nicotine sour(the NICOTINE ACID), folic acid(the EOLIC ACID), creatine(LNOSHOL), B Dan is salty(the ACETYL CHOLINE), the living creature vegetable(BIOTIN), and kinds of mineral qualities(MINERALS) with necessary life activities,  kinds of human bodies the essential An Ji is sour(the  NO ACID), two Lin sour gland pit sweet(ADP), three Lin sour gland pit(ATP), fatty acids(the IO-HYDRODECENOIC ACID) etc., included a human body a demand completely of various nourishment vegetable.

Contains molecular weight more to be up to more than  sugar egg whites(the development of the sugar egg white to cell all has obviously it to propagate) to contain the low mark sub- enzyme that early insect need when expecting that the parotid secretes more by the great universe agriculture queen bee milk that the method produces.(and growth enzyme that infant's saliva secretes together)

The chemistry type of the queen bee milk

The effect of the queen bee milk

1. The Pope protects Luo the recovery of  a life times

Turn over to open history, at  years, front honey is provided by people to do a medicine to use, the bee is used to be king's to advertise for to record in the ancient Egyptian writing, but the beginning of the queen bee milk be focused attention by person, is originate 1954, the Vatican Pope finishes Ao  a life times to come back from the brink of death of miracle affairs.

Was already  advanced ages at that time, because of the decrepitude excessiveness, became illness a bed up of the Pope protects Luo's  a life times, once the condition had no amendment, although through cured in every possible way, had already entered dying appearance, the national famous doctor felt helpless, face deep slumber and don't come to of The Pope, prayed to god the appearance of the bless miracle only and inwardly.

The doctor in charge of the hour cloth Luo south diagram Doctor, try to take the queen bee milk for The Pope, makes The Pope's miracle sort that the deep slumber doesn't come to wake up out of the blue and unexpectedly, recover a health.

This matter, the second international living creature heredity science that convene W. Germany in 1956 the top of the meeting be announced, causing widespread attention in whole world and studying an upsurge.

This is the function of a kind of ingredient Hydrodesnic acid in the queen bee milk with the result that, and find south diagram Doctor of cloth Luo of this ingredient, so got Nobel prize.

2.Is valid to the treatment of the burn

The University of Vienna medical science department Ji Er shell Er Doctor, September in 1960 years, put forward in the international medical science research meeting for the first time, for treatment report burned by fire:Make to inject a treatment by the queen bee milk, the growth is new the skin cell compare a former treatment method quick.

Have to receive(Paratin) type the saliva gland He Er of the likeness with the human body saliva gland He Er to receive in the queen bee milk, this kind of egg white He Er receives through edible after, have already known the function that contributes to the skin organization, muscular tissue, cartilage organization instauration You indeed recently delicate.

The Czech skin Suo adds the love gram Doctor to point out, the queen bee milk to fish scale tinea, skin the dry disease, sebum leak etc. the skin get hurt particularly obvious instauration result of.

For the treatment of the skin if internal also add external application, will make more the function of the queen bee milk develop well, make the skin of the body recover from illness quickly, recover delicate.

3.Harden to the artery, the high blood pressure, low blood pressure cure the result is outstanding along with the increment of the age, will pile up cholesterol neutral fat in the top of the afferent wall, piling up of severe, will cause artery hardening.

Clinical data had another pleased male to teach originally according to medicine department Chi section university island in Tokyo manifestation, make everyday to seven sufferers it the edible  queen bee milk tests once result the cholesterol value in three among those peopleses' blood descend.

Therefore, whether the queen bee milk is true or not hardens to the arteries effectively, needing more scientific certificates still currently.

However, we can know indeed, the spirit strain will cause the cholesterol deposited in the afferent wall, so make the queen bee milk, can make nervous system smooth, then afferent relax to reduce cholesterol it adhere to.

The queen bee milk also is thought to is valid to the high blood pressure, low blood pressure, unfortunately this is the report of[with] experience, still needing science to offer as proof.If the future can confirm the queen bee milk really has to become excrescent blood pressure the function of the normal blood pressure, then for the patient of these incurable sicknesses and speech, is really one big evangel.

4.Promote the child's growth, increment to the disease resistibility

For just at the kid in growth, protein for can't lack of one of the nourishment vegetables, the edible queen bee milk can make the low egg white disease recover quickly, increment the kid's weight.

In the last few years, the queen bee milk usage is in the pediatrics of, in addition to the lotus of Italy Luo Si doubly the benefit also has already pulled a ground of Ni to wait for someone outside, lotus Luo Si doubly benefit with pull the sand ground Ni to let edible queen bee milk of yellow Dan and the kid of other infectious diseases after, finds as a result the appetite of the disease son is greatly in order to increase, a month weight increment reaches to two kilograms of many.

The queen bee milk to pediatric result, in addition to increasing to put on weight, can also increase kid's appetite and increase blood and strengthen the resistibility to the disease in the meantime.

5.Cure a cancer and prevent cancer, counteract poison function

W. Germany Anne's east Doctor wait for someone, investigating in  people result depend on[the occupation category cancer sufferer's comparison]launch inquisition, the result detection makes by fermentation an operator win have  people to suffer from cancer in a  people each time, reside the most high, several be close to all occupations don't the cancer in a  people the sufferer is equally worth(two people) it ;However keep Feng an operator each  people, have people only, is also each only a cancer sufferer's low ratio in three  people.

The research acceleration that causes all countries to the honey, the queen bee milk system cancer function as a result carries on.

Canada that announce the queen bee milk to have already repressed the cancer function attains cloud fairy Doctor to think especially, the queen bee milk is main of have precious material in the ingredient  Qian Ji deliver Xi sour.

Attain cloud fairy Doctor to inject the queen bee milk to a cancer disease the body rats between two years especially, finding can exterminate to have already taken place not of cancer, but can make the cancer cell no longer extend to spread, that is because the queen bee milk in it is sour in repress cancer of extension, ease cancer a sufferer painful result.

Edible dye been sour to produce result as the content very high vitamin B2 and the nicotine in the queen bee milk, been cancerous to possible system, ammonia etc. the creation counteract poison result, the protein in the queen bee milk has benefit to the mankind's liver very much in the meantime.

Science flourishing behavior type disaster that bring enjoying of some materials, but also bring mankind civilization......As the bane human body health of the chemistry additives.......And have liver to counteract poison the queen bee milk of the function, also is particularly valued by people for the mankind's health.

6.Control diabetes

The queen bee milk is a kind of very valid food to diabetic, it can help a sufferer:

1.The fatigue of the cancellation body.2.Recover eyesight.3.Make the appetite become normal.4.Recover energy.5.No longer thirsty. 6.The spirit is generous, the complexion grow better.

The diabetes is because of the insulin(Inselin) to secrete shortage, making blood sugar the value usually maintains in the disease of the higher appearance, only can ease a condition, can't cure for good still currently.

Well-known diabetes in the United States studies authority Joe Si a wood to say:"The diabetes is to can't cure, but can to the disease of the control".

In a brief the diabetes just like near sight, myope because the vision isn't pure, so bring a worthy of a look mirror to correct eyesight.Manage together, the diabetic can control a condition at any time.

The common concrete control method is the food living and exercises aspect, the designation that shines on a doctor takes a medicine and gives a shot.

Diabetes of condition of illness because of sufferer's everybody's individual difference, will take place variety always, so the doctor has to dispense a treatment to the sufferer's individual condition, diabetic dinings are all some before low nourishment of food, now then change to use the food eaten by person generally and healthily.

Usually a day carbohydrate gram, fats four 0 gram, proteins are grams( each kilogram weight want one gram), and for make up deficiency mineral quality, vitamin to want a vegetable three  grams everyday.

Is a day above, nourishment lowest limit, these numbers have nothing to do with the condition of illness weight, the demand of the calories vary from person to person, so need the doctor's designation to take.

7.Delaying the menopause promotes mentruation again come

The queen bee milk beneficial human body health, mainly come from the result of the animal experiment, science household-use white rat and hen start experiment, the result detection eats the white rat of the queen bee milk, the life increased .Give the queen bee milk again the female chicken is edible, its producing amount of egg is another hen of , the most surprising is the old hen that have already stopped producing egg after edible queen bee milk and unexpectedly can Be producing egg.

"Dysmenorrhea" of the back of the menopause, obvious variety on this kind of human body, always will make the females hang an idea, often hear a person say:Menstruation if open again, youth again come to that is much good.

Have the middle age the women to eat the queen bee milk everyday in France, make the obstacle of the menopause disappear incredibly, and the rebirth teach.

People always think before the domination dysmenorrhea is because ovary of aging, Japanese autumn the farmland university medical science teach nine pigeon Doctor researches to think, not the ovary be controling, and its dominator is an aging sex axis in"brain", and the ovary be controled by it.

As for the ability of sex axis can by the queen bee milk to recover Nine pigeon the professor made a further research.

Nine pigeon the professor did an experiment, starting young rabbit with the ovary of the old rabbit to re- have sex period, contrary original function normal ovary but lost sex period.

Nine pigeon professor of the experiment confirmed the brain axis of young or not control the function of the ovary, also confirmed an edible queen bee milk to make person's menstruation again come to is recovered from illness with the menopause obstacle of effect.

"Grow to get and remain youth" is mankind lasting dream, later the research of this aspect certainly will continue again to carry on.

8.Be free from the natural health food of[with] the harmful effects pollution

In the health food populared the current of the world, the queen bee milk because of including various nourishment vegetable of the integrity, so acquire world-wide nutritionist to worship, can be said to be a kind of have no unprepared natural health food.

Probably someone will ask:The queen bee milk is secreted by work bee, that pollution that can suffer agrochemical

This scientist has already done a research, the bee is the insect (its eyes are nearsighted)that depends on the sense of smell existence completely, its sense of smell can smell several fragrance of flowers, so have the agrochemical pollution anyplace, it would never near to, the resistibility of bee to agrochemical is very weak in the meantime, is a little agrochemical that the human body can't realize, as long as be stained with to order, the bee can't also live a life, is past, the queen bee milk is the nourishment health food that the absolute security has no the harmful effects pollution.

The usage of the queen bee milk

Edible method:Get up in the morning and take the queen bee milk a teaspoon to contain in to swallow slowly before going to bed in the evening under add a little natural honey to eat, can clean sour and hot flavor to pour the cold water and the honey mixture to drink perhaps it.The result is better.

The hairdressing puts on usage:Go to bed everyday and wash face clearly first before making up, take the queen bee milk few add some honey and water to mix even spread after the on the face moisten well(about  minutes) with the clear water wash go to, paint and eat to have the result for multiplying each other more.

(The relation between the queen bee syrup and hairdressing)

The queen bee syrup is a natural hairdressing food yes:

*Can add a body inside the nourishment needed

*Promote the growth develop, improvement skin metabolism

*Promote the endocrine gland, raise a basal metabolism rate

*Improve dry and wrinkly Lie and relax etc. skin condition

*The anti- oxidizes, activate a skin and promote cell reborn

*Activate cell, strengthen ovary function

*Make the skin lubrication delicate

*Prevent skin disease from, as Cuo Chuang, brown spot etc.

*Anti- decrepitude function:The queen bee milk can promote some cell reborn, increment organize breath and consume amount of oxygen to promote growth to develop, the protein synthesize with metabolism, strengthen machine body resistibility.The experiment proves the queen bee milk can promote liver, kidney, the nerve cell rebirth, can prolong animal at low pressure, anoxia, heat, infect, poisoned, the Zang machine hurt etc. under condition of death time.