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English Name Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract




Botanists deem the common witch hazel Hamamelis virginiana. The generic name Hamamelis comes from a name that Hippocrates applied to the medlar (a small hawthorn-like fruit). The name combines two Greek word roots meaning fruit (apple) and 'together' referring to the plant's habit of producing flowers at the same time the previous year's fruits mature and disperse seed. The fruits are worth a mention. Witch hazel produces a capsule-like fruit enshrining two shiny hard black seeds with white oily edible interiors. These nutty seeds were savored by Indians of the south. The flavor is like that of pistachio nuts. Witch hazel has a mechanical seed dispersal action.


When mature the seed capsules explode apart with a cracking pop catapulting the seeds up to ten yards from the shrub. Remember this if you bring a bouquet of witch hazel twigs indoors when flowering in autumn. The seed capsules of the previous year are there at the same time. When they heat-up in the warm confines of a home they will explode!



The gold wisp plum broadly American Indiansuch as a kind of medical science plant to use.The gold wisp the plum has to refrain from rash action nourish to the skin promoting afferent constringency and can cure a burn vein song piece.The piles also can stop bleeding effectively.

And the Osage print a ground of Anne's person to make use of its bark daubery ulcer in skin perhaps the place of the inflammation can smooth treatment wound throat swollen time can also decrease swelling with the bark.



The gold wisp the plum section belong to the flowerer of the tiger ear grass at present.The gold wisp the plum section descend 27s to belong to and about 80-90 kinds of is all bush or small tall tree.The characteristic is with each other a single leaf to get having the Zhang form vein Tuo the leaf is obvious;The flower both sexes list together the stub then is rare E tube and ovary how much match to get the E Chi 4 or 5 flower petal 4 or 5.

The classification system of the earlier period for example Lang Kui Si especially system(the Cronquist system 1981 1988) the gold wisp the plum section categorize for the gold wisp a section of the plum at present;In the near future categorize system(the APG system 1998 2003) then the gold wisp the plum section categorize to a section of the tiger ear grass at present.



In a range extending from Nova Scotia west to Ontario and south to Texas and Florida common witch hazel flourishes on shaded north-facing slopes along fence rows country roads and the stony banks of brooks. Another North American species vernal witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis) found only in its native haunts along creek beds in the Ozark plateau blooms in early winter hence the name 'vernal'. On winter hikes in the Ozarks I delight to the treat of a lovely floral fragrance in the dead of winter. Nearby a vernal witch hazel is covered in its delicate often red-tinted blossoms.

Any shrub that blooms in winter even when temperatures are in the single digits will certainly attract the attention of horticulturists. Ironically most witch hazel in American horticulture come from east Asia. Two species of witch hazel are commonly grown in American horticulture. One is Hamamelis japonica obviously from Japan. Another is Hamamelis mollis a Chinese species. They have also been hybridized to produce an unusual winter or early-spring blooming ornamental deemed Hamamelis x intermedia.



The gold wisp plum of in leaf's slice have a great deal of gold wisp plum list rather(hamamelitannin).The gold wisp the plum list has a soft skin refrains from rash action to stop bleeding(the astringent constipati) rather and the function of the anti- inflammation(anti-inflammatory).The gold wisp the extracting of plum leaf's thing be often used to is the germ infection diarrhea to eliminate inflammation and antidiarrheic.In addition the gold wisp the plum leaf extract a thing to also have a type of flavonoid(flavonoids).



The plum of gold Lou:

For cracked the skin of the insolation has the conciliation result also the town settle pacify refrain from rash action prevent from Chong blood and repress the vein afferent song piece can remove the formation of the pimple and pimple.


The gold wisp the plum refrain from rash action the result heel to clean the eye bag result to let the person like rather.At France the gold wisp the usage of the plum can trace back to to very several a hundred years front.The gold wisp the plum relax and mollify to all have very excellent result to the skins of the oil skin or the allergy.


The gold wisp the plum maintains in the hairdressing up of the main effect have:

1 refrain from rash action a function

2 the anti- oxidize anti- inflammation


The basis MARUZEN PHARMACEUTICALS CO. Does the LTD research point out the gold wisp plum to extract a thing to oxidize an ability and repress the Bo uric acid to resolve in the anti-?Of the performance of[with] ability(the anti- inflammation ability) compare green tea to extract a thing rosemary to extract a thing to still have yellow Qin to extract a thing to still be good friends with



Witch Hazel

Contain a list rather(the gold wisp plum list rather) the beeswax is sweet the Jie skin sugar may the non- Chun wait for a hairdressing ingredient.Have to refrain from rash action nourish promote afferent constringency etc. effect.



Contain solid Chun of plant the soap corn Tong type carrot vegetable B- Carrot the plain Tong wait for a hairdressing ingredient.Have to disinfect disinfection remove the Chong blood promote the wound Yu match the town pain waits for effect.


Marigold:contain abundant carrot vegetable.Can anti- swollen and inflamed.Hydrate.Clear.The equilibrium PH is worth.The town is quiet.With clean function.Can be used for sensitive.Dry.Pimple etc. skin





What make it work?
Depending upon how a preparation is made witch hazel products contain varying amounts of active compounds such as flavonoids tannins (hamamelitannin and proanthocyanidins) small amounts of volatile oil and other components which may be responsible for its astringent action and to stop bleeding. Tannins have been characterized as hamamelitannin and a number of proanthocyanidins. The bark contains 31 times more hamamelitannin than the leaf extract so place part used in preparation is important. In distilled witch hazel products much of the tannin content is lost.

A recent study shows there may be more at work in witch hazel than has been previously known. A specially filtered fraction of the extract containing mostly proanthocyandins was found to have significant anti-viral activity against Herpes simplex virus type 1. The same fraction was also found to have a strong antiphlogistic (inflammation-reducing) effect. In contrast fractions high in hamamelitannin were found to have weaker antiviral or antiphlogistic activity. The significant of this study is that it shows that compounds other than tannins may play a role in witch hazel's recognized antiphlogistic effects as well as newly recognized topical antiviral activity. Such studies serve to improve products available to consumers by helping manufacturers refine extraction processes to enhance the best possible therapeutic results.

Antioxidant radiation-protective and anti-inflammatory activity have been confirmed. Recently hamamelitannin and proanthocyanidins isolated from witch hazel were evaluated for their mechanisms of action in reported anti-inflammatory activity. It was found that some proanthocyanidin fractions inhibit inflammatory mediators derived from arachidonic acid and inhibited the formation of platelet-activation factor a chemical mediator of inflammatory processes. When it is quelled so is inflammation.

Strong antioxidant activity against superoxide (a highly reactive form of oxygen) released by several enzymes during the inflammatory process may also play a role in witch hazel's anti-inflammatory effects. In a recent study Japanese researchers sought plant compounds that protect cells in skin tissue from damage against harmful forms of oxygen. Witch hazel was found to have strong activity against reactive oxygen in skin tissue. The scientists proposed that witch hazel extracts should be further researched for their potential application in anti-aging or anti-wrinkling products to apply to the skin. Sounds like my grandmother was directing the study!


Hamamelis virginiana C. Linnaeus


四、Important ingredient


Rather sour

The list is rather sour and then calls a list rather the Rou is sour or the Rou quality is a kind of chemistry composition in the plant.The list is mainly rather sour and can be divided into can the list of the water solution is rather sour and come together of list is rather sour two. Different:The Rou is sour list rather 500% son lists are rather sour.


The list is rather sour(the Rou is sour) is the plant field very familiar composition many plants contain a high density list rather sour the vegetable is also a list rather sour important source the tea contains rather sour beverage of list most well-knownly the betel nut also contains in great quantities single rather sour.

List the rather sour category is a lot of the numerator structure is complicated the difference is also big but can be divided into two major type: can water solution of the list is rather sour to match a list with the Suo of the not easy decomposition rather sour.Generally speaking the Suo in the food matches a rather sour content of list more can the list of the water solution rather sour content less.The list is rather sour to belong to polyphenol material the ability and the chemistry material in the cell rise chemical reaction after entering a human body some reaction possibilities are beneficial to body some probably harmful.

Many researches of animals show that can water solution of the list is rather sour is the strong power anti- oxidizing agent can strengthen the anti- in the human body cell to oxidize enzyme an activity can repress the cell mutation can keep the cell cancer from changing can repress a carcinogen to activate can prevent some food compositions change a strong power carcinogen second nitric An in the stomach can repress the Cu cancer function of the Cu cancer thing can also repress tumor growth.The green tea contains this kind of list rather sour.

List rather sour molecular formula therewith the raw material source dissimilarity have a little bit some differences

My country is from 500% sons put forward a list rather the composition of the quality the molecular formula writes the C14 H10 O9 generally molecular weight is 322.1


Have already contained a numerator crystallize water as well of its molecular formula are 9. H2 Os for the C14 H10 Os molecular weight is 340.


Type flavonoid

Type the flavonoid is a natural anti- oxidizing agent can strengthen the function of the vitamin C helping the vitamin C rebirth if can take one more type of flavonoid vegetable at the time of adding the vitamin  can make its effect double so streets a few health care foods all claim to have a type of flavonoid composition selling well to sell especially adding a type of method with best brass in fact taking vegetable and fruit more.


Type the flavonoid has already known to is a fairly good natural antioxidant anti-'s oxidizing an ability is the vitamin E of 5000% the vitamin C of 2000% and can regulate the immunity power so have result of repress to the cancer cell and can the clearance free radicals have cardiovascular disease senile dementia of prevention and resist related health care effect of the skin aging etc. and free radicals.


The flavonoid category is rather various usually is existed in the fruit vegetable nut seed bean or tea and wet goods in in addition the many flavonoid belongs to the plant dye so just make the vegetable and fruit have various colors as deeply green light green purple and red etc. therefore balanced food colourful vegetable and fruit is exactly the best piping that takes a type of flavonoid.


Type the flavonoid and vitamin  vitamin  the β carrot vegetable is the natural anti- oxidizing agent that have already known currently the natural anti- oxidizing agent can resist free radicals' injury for cell at the right moment among them type the flavonoid can also help the vitamin C rebirth and the vitamin C can help the vitamin E revivification again so while adding vitamin C E if can take one more type of flavonoid vegetable can make its effect double.


A lot of natural health care foods as grape wine grape seed bee propolis soybean gingko and some medium herb medicine all have a type of function of flavonoid.For example the natural estrogen of the soybean can improve the type flavonoid in the menopause condition of illness soybean and can repress the growth wine of film cancer inside breast cancer womb the ovary cancer and the prostate gland cancer and can reduce the anti- of the probability the grape seed of the coronary occurrence to oxidize result bee propolis and can strengthen immune system etc.