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Alias: Mother young Ye Shu, deep pool young leaf.

Scientific name: Morus Linn.

Moraceae dispensing name: Leaf blade Mori

Origin: For mulberry branch plant mulberry Morus alba L. The leaf, the fruit, the root bast  supply for medicinal purposes.

function: Gansu, painstakingly, cold. The sparse wind alleviates fever, clear liver clear vision.

Habitat distribution: Chinese

Cultivation main point: Spring cuttage reproduction.

Gathering processing: Leaf: Yu Hsiach'iu grows exuberantly when gathers, fresh with or air dries uses. After the hoar frost descending gathers, air dries with calls the frost mulberry leaf. Mulberry tree leaf (Sangye)

Mulberry tree leaf basic plant material:


The mulberry tree is the locality to the east with central China. It has become the naturalization before the European century. The tree was introduced entered US and naturalized for the silkworm culture in the early colony time and hybridizes has used the local red mulberry tree. Red or the American mulberry tree is the locality and gets down to US east from Massachusetts to Kansas to the bay coast. The black mulberry tree is the locality to the west Asia and the growth for its fruit in Europe from the Roman time before.

The part is used the & method to prepare for the dispensing:

The leaf is gathered in the autumn, in frost drop (18th solar deadline) period, then is dryinged under the sunlight. The mulberry tree leaf has the sweetness, bitter and astringent and cold product in Chinese medicine. It with the liver relates in together with lung meridian, and affects to the clear lung heats up (possibly manifests takes fever, headache, ache throat or cough) and the clear fire in is manifested takes red, the pain and contains water the eye) liver (. It and uses stops bleeding, specially is vomitting the blood patient. Moreover, in vitro research expression, the decoction is possibly made possibly by the fresh mulberry tree leaf to forbid several bacteria to progress, including S. aureus and streptococcus haemolyticus. The new research expression, the mulberry tree leaf extract is possible and to act as at the diabetes management and a treatment role.

Principal constituent:

According to the modern research, does in the mulberry leaf to contain the thick protein, carbohydrate , crude fat  as well as rich potassium, calcium and vitamin C, B1, B2, A and so on, but also has each kind of matter and so on trace element copper, zinc, boron, manganese. In the mulberry leaf includes  the sterone, the feather hyacinth bean alkone, Yun is fragrant , Sang?, the vitamin, the ribbon ortho-acid, the folic acid, the fumaric acid, human body and so on creatine, plant estrin needs the matter. Each  does in the mulberry leaf approximately to contain thick protein, crude fat , contains food textile fiber , calcium . The mulberry leaf includes kind of amino acids which the human body needs, contains the nerve carrier of heredity and falls presses the material gamma - ammonia butyric acid equally to have , the glutanic acid reaches as high as , aspartic acid , obviously the mulberry leaf is the amino acid treasure house.

Chemical composition:

The leaf radish element, the adenine (adenine),  (choline), Yun is fragrant , the different mongolian oak skin (isoquercitrin, C21H20O12), Hu Lupa the alkali (trigonelline, C7H7O2N), the ergosterol, vitamin B1, the sugar, the tanning substance and so on.

Pharmacological action:

The mulberry leaf is 1.th our country traditional Chinese native medicine This article summarized the recent years domestic and foreign to mulberry leaf's chemical composition and its the pharmacological action research progress; Produces the mulberry leaf to include the yellow ketones, the biology , the multi- carbohydrates, the phytosterin class, the amino acid, the vitamin and the trace element and so on the many kinds of active chemical composition, as well as the mulberry leaf has falls the blood sugar, falls the blood fats, the anti- inflammation, anti- is senile, the anti- tumor, the anti- virus, the anti- silk insect, the anti- ulcer and so on the various pharmacological action And had pointed out the mulberry leaf in the drugs and in the function food domain research development broad prospect, has provided the basis for the mulberry leaf resources reasonable development use

(1) the mulberry leaf the high blood sugar sickness which  the diabetes and the adrenalin causes to the big mouse all has reduces the blood sugar the function.

(2) the mulberry leaf has reduces the blood pressure and the diuresis function.

(3) the wind hot cold, the headache, item red, the pharynx and larynx is swollen and painful, lung hot cough.

Mulberry leaf's effect:

1. falls the blood sugar mulberry leaf to have the suppression blood sugar rise the function, in its action mechanism and mulberry leaf rich amino acid, cellulose, vitamin, mineral substance and many kinds of biological activity matter (polysaccharide) related, main function matter is in mulberry leaf's DNA can suppress alpha - the glucose activeness, thus suppresses and delays the starch, food to decompose for the glucose, the fructose, after obviously suppresses the food the blood sugar rise.

2. antibacterial in vitro experiments indicated that, the fresh mulberry leaf to the golden yellow staphylococcus, the second grade hematolysis coccus, the diphtheria bacillus, the bacillus anthraris has the stronger inhibitory action. In mulberry leaf's plant defense element has the anti- microorganism the function.

3. falls the blood pressure drop blood pressure the main effect ingredient is gamma - the amino-butyric acid.

4. falls the blood fats main effect ingredient is the phytosterin.

5. anti- oxidations, the anti- senile these two kind of functions main effect ingredient is the isoflavone compound. According to the Zhejiang University clinical pharmacology research institute through 4 years experiment, confirmed the mulberry leaf has the similar ginseng the benefit and the anti- senile function. The ginseng belongs , but the mulberry leaf belongs clear makes up, the old and young may use, the four seasons are all suitable.

6. alleviates the menopause synthesis to draft the mulberry leaf to have the stable plant nervous system function the function, may alleviate the senior citizen menopause mood to be excited, personality .

7. cosmetology

(1) the brown spot face often causes many females to be worried for it, may use the mulberry leaf treatment, after 20 days namely have the obvious curative effect, the mottling abate or the pigment change shallowly.

(2) with mulberry leaf bath skincare, can cause the skin to be bright and clean. The skin rough person may cause the skin to change as soon as possible is delicate. May treat the face freckle, the dark spot, beautifully causes the flesh to add color in vain, the bright and clean like jade.

(3) treats the boils boils is common to young people's one kind of inflammation skin disease. After enters the youth development period, in vivo sex hormone secretion exuberant, urges the sebaceous glands secretion to increase, causes the sebum to silt up, stops up the hair-follicle mouth, is easy to form the boils. With mulberry leaf treatment boils, also has satisfaction the effect.

(4) beautifully sends pitch-black causes the hair, the gloss, to be soft. The mulberry leaf includes a richer copper, has the preventing and controlling hair and the skin function. Persisted for a long time may cause the white hair to transfer black, the facial features are ruddy, and can prevent the few old age occurrence.

(5) loses weight persisted drinks for a long time with the mulberry leaf tea, may obviously lose weight. Mulberry leaf's favorable water function, not only may promote to urinate, but also may make to accumulate the unnecessary moisture content platoon walks in the cell, therefore the mulberry leaf can lessen the swollen area. The mulberry leaf also may the blood in the surplus neutral fat and cholesterol row of clear, namely clear blood function. Obese was the abdomen, in the back fatty cell has stored excessively many fat. When blood neutral fat reduction, the storing fat can release, is consumed by the thermal form. Like this repeatedly gets down, the bodily fat can reduce. Therefore loses weight and improves the high fat hemopathy is the interdependence

Moreover, the high fat hemopathy person's blood viscosity is high, flows in the blood capillary is not specially unimpeded. The blood capillary only our hair that thickly, therefore is certainly easy to stop up. Myocardial infarction with the encephalorrhagia all is a result which the blood capillary stops up. In the mulberry leaf includes strengthens the blood capillary, reduces the blood viscosity the yellow ketones ingredient, therefore while loses weight, improves the high lipemia, also has prevention myocardial infarction with the encephalorrhagia function. 8. bowel movements, lessen the swollen area under mulberry leaf's function have not been transported by the small intestine absorption to the large intestine in by the intestines in the bacteria colony role, organic acid and so on production carbon dioxide, hydrogen, butyric acid, propionic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, causes inside and outside the intestines the environment acidity, suppressed the harmful bacterium to multiply, plays the entire intestines effect, the improvement constipation, the improvement distension of the abdomen. The mulberry leaf also can remove in vivo unnecessary water to improve the dropsy.

Preventing and controlling diabetes cainozoic era natural plant raw material:

In recent years, the various countries researcher to mulberry leaf's composition, the function and the action mechanism has conducted the system research, finally discovered in the mulberry leaf includes the rich amino acid, the cellulose, the vitamin, the mineral substance as well as the many kinds of biological activity matter, has falls the blood sugar, falls the blood pressure, falls the blood fats, delays and so on senilly the many kinds of health care effect.

1. mulberry leaves' nutrition health care value Japan Kanagawa county function food research institutes' researchers discovered that, in the mulberry leaf includes  kind of amino acids, the carbohydrate, the vitamin as well as the zinc, the iron, the calcium and so on the trace element and the mineral substance, the nutritional value is extremely high (see Table 1). The research also indicated that, in the mulberry leaf includes the many kinds of biological activity matter (to see Table 2). Now, the mulberry leaf and its the product have used in to make the mulberry leaf tea, the mulberry leaf juice or increases to product and so on drink, fruit jelly, cakes and pastries, noodles makes function food.

Table 1: In mulberry leaf each nutrition ingredient and its content

In mulberry leaf nutrition ingredient

Amino acid (g/100gdoing)

Vitamin (mg/100g doing)

Meals textile fiber

Mineral substance and trace element (mg/100g doing)


The amino acid content approximately is 10.10 grams; Human body essential amino acids approximately are 3.3 grams.

Vitamin B1: 0.59 vitamin B2: 1.35 vitamins C: 31.6 Hu Lo? element: 7.4 regards the flavol: 0.67

Meals textile fiber:

, soluble textile fiber

Ca 2,699

K 3,101

Zn 6.1

Fe 44.1

Na 39.9

P 238

Moreover also includes few Cu,

Mg, Mn and so on the trace element.

2. mulberry leaves fall the blood sugar active constituent domestic and foreign research material to confirm that, and the polysaccharide is in the mulberry leaf main falls the blood sugar active constituent. Person and so on Asano separates 6 kinds from the mulberry leaf : 1-DNJ, N-Me-DNJ, GAL-DNJ, fagomine, DAB and Calystegin B2, and has determined its molecular structure. Kimura studied 6 kind of compound the diabetes mouse which (STZ) caused to Streptozotocin to fall the sugar function, the experimental result indicated, N-Me-DNJ, GAL-DNJ, fagomine all might reveal reduced the blood sugar level, GAL-DNJ and fagomine fell the blood sugar function to be strongest. Mr. Chen Fu urgently needs the mulberry leaf total polysaccharide (TPM) to carry on the abdominal cavity injection tothe diabetes mouse to give the medicine, finally indicated the mulberry leaf total polysaccharide (TPM) has reveals falls the blood sugar function, but the TPM structure waits for further studies. The author once conducted the research to one kind take the mulberry leaf as the main raw material healthy product effect ingredient, finally indicated the polysaccharide and obviously reduces the diabetes mouse empty stomach blood sugar, and has the function which the obvious prevention mouse blood sugar elevates.

3. mulberry leaves fell the blood sugar action mechanism up to now the people to fall the blood sugar action mechanism to the mulberry leaf the research were launch from two aspects: On the one hand is decomposes the active inhibitory action research from the mulberry leaf ingredient to two carbohydrates, on the other hand promotes the cell secretion insulin aspect from the mulberry leaf ingredient to obtain, table 3 summarized the recent years researcher to fall the blood sugar function aspect to the mulberry leaf the research to progress (see Table 2).

Table 2: The mulberry leaf falls the blood sugar action mechanism as well as the correlation research

Effective component



When has the mulberry leaf methyl alcohol withdrawing coexistence, the sucrose absorption can come under the suppression. Demonstrated the mulberry leaf methyl alcohol withdraws the thing to decompose activeness to two carbohydrates to have the inhibitory action.

Mulberry leaf Shui T'iwu reduces the big mouse glucose content, demonstrated mulberry leaf Shui T'iwu may suppress the malt sugar and lactose activeness.

The mulberry leaf powder the blood sugar elevates after the big mouse food has the obvious inhibitory action.

The mulberry leaf falls the blood sugar action mechanism to have two kinds: One, has suppressed alpha - the sugar activeness, two promotes the insulin release.


Fagomine may reveal the insulin content which the increase glucose causes to increase, thus reduces the diabetes mouse blood sugar

Mulberry leaf polysaccharid

Mulberry leaf total polysaccharide TPM while reduces the blood sugar, reveals is raising the insulin level.

The research indicated the mulberry leaf falls the blood sugar function is through two ways realizations: First, decomposes activeness through mulberry leaf DNJ to two carbohydrates to have the inhibitory action, thus suppresses the small intestine to the double sugar absorption, after reduces the food the blood sugar crest value; Second, mulberry leaf  fagomine and the mulberry leaf polysaccharide promotes the cell secretion insulin, but the insulin may promote the cell to the sugar use, the liver glycogen synthesis as well as the improvement sugar metabolism, finally achieved falls the blood sugar the effect.

South central the university Hunan elegant medical college physiology department cooperation falls the blood sugar healthy product to one kind take the mulberry leaf as the main raw material to conduct the research, observes it to be the result of the diabetes prevention to the mouse and "the treatment" the function, its result performance is: 1st,

1.      prevention function: The product and its the component biology  and the multi- carbohydrates respectively fill the stomach mouse by the  body weight dosage, has the prevention to cause the function which the mouse blood sugar elevates. After the injection 3 days, the group and + the polysaccharide + flavanone group blood sugar level obviously is lower than the comparison group, the acute response which is possible with which to be able obviously to reduce causes the blood sugar elevates related (p<0.05)。

2.treatment function: The product original fluid and its the effective component and the polysaccharide respectively fills the high blood sugar mouse by the 0.4ml/20g body weight dosage which the stomach causes 7 days, may reduce the high blood sugar mouse's empty stomach blood sugar, the product original fluid falls the sugar effect to surpass falls the sugar spirit. In front of the clothing product various animals empty stomach blood sugar obviously elevates, is higher than the normal mouse, makes the mold to be successful. After gives the product original fluid 3 days, the blood sugar density obviously reduces, with fills in front of the product and the same time distilled water comparison group compares, the difference has extremely reveals the significance

The experiment has further confirmed the polysaccharide and falls the blood sugar function. The experimental result also indicated that, the mulberry leaf polysaccharide, and in the product other ingredients have the certain coordination function. Ito and so on a kind of flavanone and the mulberry leaf DNJ union, will join to the drink in, this kind of drink effectively will suppress the blood sugar compared to independent mulberry leaf DNJ the rise, indicated a kind of flavanone and mulberry leaf DNJ will have the certain synergism. But its synergism mechanism also must further study. Although not yet sees the mulberry leaf variety and the habitat to the mulberry leaf effect ingredient content memoir, but is connected studies confirmed that, the mulberry leaf effect ingredient content and the vegetal period have bigger relations, after late autumn and the frost mulberry leaf's yellow ketones and the polyphenol matter content is obviously higher. Moreover, withdraws the temperature to have a more tremendous influence to the mulberry leaf effect ingredient: The mulberry leaf withdraws usually uses the high temperature to withdraw, this not only can create the destruction to the mulberry leaf certain effect ingredients, but also can create the withdrawing flavor to be bitter and astringent. The author through repeatedly tests, discovered adopts the steps and ladders temperature to withdraw (namely use differently to withdraw temperature to withdraw different effect ingredient) the method both to be allowed effectively to withdraw the different effect ingredient, and guaranteed withdraws the thing good flavor.

4. mulberry leaves fell the blood sugar the human body clinical practice up to now, the global diabetes patient has reached 1.3 hundred million, also population also in sharp increase. Its cause mainly is because the food, the diet have lived Europe and America to melt, the physiological load of exercise insufficient, is obese and should stir up the response to be the result of. The diabetes patient gets sick at the beginning of and no symptom, what but is fearful is in the situation which perceived with difficulty if sends it to pay no attention, can cause the kidney harm, the retina sickness, the nerve harm diabetes illness complication or direct threat life myocardial infarction, the cerebral thrombus and so on. In order to avoid this kind of condition the occurrence, usually must improve the diet custom and strengthen the prevention. Regarding this, the mulberry leaf took the natural non-toxic medicine food dual purpose resources more and more receives the people to take. Person and so on Bondada carries on the clinical experiment to 24 40-60 year old of masculine diabetes patient, these 24 patients are divided into by the stochastic average two groups, a group uses falls the blood sugar medicine glibenclamide capsule , another group takes the mulberry leaf powder capsule , takes the time is  days. After  days carry on the examination to patient's blood plasma and the urine. The result indicated that, with falls the blood sugar medicine glibenclamide capsule to compare, the mulberry leaf capsule has obviously falls the blood sugar function, the reduction rate is

The author (original first military medical university) the natural plant applied research development center cooperation falls the blood sugar health foods with the south medical college to one kind take the mulberry leaf as the main raw material to conduct the research, observes its clinical effect. The experimental result is:  milliliters/person of/days, including take for  months, take nourishment for 3 months to pick the blood examination to the taking empty stomach to indicate, the total effectiveness is , in which shows results  (patient blood sugar to drop to normal level).

5. mulberry leaves fall the blood sugar mechanism to summarize although the mulberry leaf adjustment blood sugar action mechanism until now not yet extremely is clear, but progresses based on the contemporary adjustment blood sugar research and is connected the report, extrapolated the mulberry leaf possibly is through the below way achieved falls the blood sugar function (to see graph).

6. research prospects and the forecast multitudinously fall the blood sugar function to the mulberry leaf the research fully to confirm the mulberry leaf has falls the blood sugar effect, but falls the blood sugar mechanism to the mulberry leaf the research to indicate, the mulberry leaf multi- carbohydrates and the biology  are it falls the blood sugar function two kind of principal constituents, they are through the suppression alpha - sugarand the promotion insulin B cell secretion insulin achieved falls the blood sugar effect. Simultaneously massively tests also confirmed that, the mulberry leaf and its the product need and uses the special craft through the certain group side to withdraw falls the blood sugar effective component, and in the certain dosage scope only then achieved falls the blood sugar the desired effect, this also may explain why the mulberry leaf the folk did do since old times for medicinal purposes, but fresh unusually used in to prevent and control the diabetes. The modern scholar has done the further research and the understanding to the mulberry leaf, it falls the blood sugar the health care function gradually by the people to discover and to take. The mulberry leaf is the medicine food dual purpose which the national medical department authorizes, the security is good, does not have the side effect. Along with the people to the mulberry leaf research and understanding thorough, will fall the blood sugar health foods take the mulberry leaf as the main raw material to become prevents and controls the high blood sugar and diabetes one kind of very good preventive food. However, the related mulberry leaf polysaccharide composition and the molecular structure, how does the mulberry leaf polysaccharide and  is promote the insulin secretion function mechanism as well as the mulberry leaf polysaccharide, and other ingredients is falling the blood sugar aspect how cordinates  and so on the aspect topic, then also must further discuss and the research.

presents the result of GP test when only mixtures of mulberry leaves and RSM were incubated. The potential GP and rate of GP for mulberry leaves (PE) were higher than for RSM (PA), but the GP parameters was not improved proportionally when mulberry leaves were increased (PB and PC). There was apparently negative associative effect between mulberry leaves and RSM (Figure 2) where the estimated GP values were much lower than the measured ones. This may partially account for the growth rate of lambs offered different diets (Table 4). There may exist some secondary plant compounds in mulberry leaves that exert a detrimental effects on ruminal microbes or reduce the utilization of the dietary nutrients (Leng, ). Further study is needed to clarify these aspects.

Parameters of in vitro gas production of mixtures of mulberry leaves and rapeseed meal













GP parameters

























GP48 (ml)






Comparison of measured gas production (potential GP) with the estimated value at different proportions of rapeseed meal and mulberry leaves


Mulberry leaves have a high nutritional, in spring higher than in autumn. When used as supplement to ammoniated rice straw diet, mulberry berry may fully substitute for rapeseed meal, but attention should be paid to the negative associate effect between rapeseed meal and mulberry leaves when supplemented together. The benefits resulting from supplementation with mulberry leaves included an increased intake of basal diet, less consumption of concentrate and an increased income. However the growth rate of lambs on the ammoniated straw diets in the present study were not very high regardless of the supplement. The one of the reasons may be that the straw intakes were not high. Further study is needed to investigate the response to the increasing percentage of mulberry leaves in diets for lambs.

Nutritional Value of Mulberry

Dry matter content. The nutritive value of Mulberry is one of the highest found in products of vegetable origin, far superior to traditional forages like alfalfa. Mulberry biomass is remarkable due to one characteristic which is found in very few plants; high levels of CP and high levels of digestible energy. It also notable for good mineral content and above all, its low fibre content.

Amino acid concentration in the leaves of Mulberry variety Kanva-1 in El Salvador, Central America (Coto, )


of DM


of DM


of DM






350 mg





5Hydroxypipecolic ac.

36 mg

Aspartic acid




Pipecolic acid

10 mg






0.5 mg

Glutamic acid




Adenylic acid






Cytidylic acid






Guanylic acid










Amino–benzoic ac.

8 mg






112 mg

Uridylic acid


Mulberry leaf's nutrition metal ingredient:

1. The zinc - mulberry leaf includes the rich zinc, may improve the immunity, the fertility delicious sense barrier, light food can obtain satisfies, may prevent absorbs excessively many salinity and the hard sugar.

2. The calcium - mulberry leaf includes can the help calcium absorption, the use phosphorus and the potassium, therefore the calcium absorption rate is extremely good.

3. The magnesium - can the prevention arteriosclerosis. In addition, the mulberry leaf also includes the rich iron, the copper and so on the necessary micro mineral substance


The mulberry leaf flavor was delicious, does not have the side effect, our country ancient times the keeping in good health once uses the mulberry leaf to replace the tea to make the drink, to often preserved the youth. On the other day, the Japanese central silkworm leaf research institute has developed has the health care function the mulberry tea, the dark brown deep green, richly contains the high quality protein, the essential fatty acid, the crude fiber, and nutrition ingredient and so on calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, drinks with is convenient, the nutrition ingredient absorbs quickly, has the metabolism, the blood returns to the circle, eliminates and so on the function wearily. Besides the mulberry leaf tea, Japan also promotes the phoenix to touch series food and so on market mulberry leaf cotton and kapok, mulberry leaf small sweet cake, mulberry leaf buckwheat surface. The mulberry leaf withdraws the thing to be possible to make the cakes and pastries the security pigment, really it may be said the use many, the advantage are much many, makes one hold in high esteem.