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Epidermal Growth Factor

All of Chineses call: The epidermis cell growth factor

Bio-chemical attribute: The human body contain a kind of small numerator egg white is been sour by 53 An Jis to constitute molecular weight is 6216 the numerator structure has three two vulcanized Jians to decide its living creature activity.

The EGF is mankind the first growth factor of the detection reveal for the very first time of the profound mystery of the skin decrepitude changed the mankind's understanding to the life developed one all-new life science realm.

The EGF structure and function

One class structure of the epidermis growth factor(EGF)

The EGF(the Epidermal Growth Factor) is a human body inside gifted kind of live ingredient the small numerator constituted by 53 amino acidses has another 肽 It is a kind of small numerator egg white inside the human body that can promote the epidermis cell grow.

The 3D structure of the epidermis growth factor(EGF)

The EGF is the most stable many 肽s that find up to now Heat 30 minutes and don't lose an activity in 100 ℃ waters.There are three rightnesses of'two sulphur keys'ses in the numerator as a result to sour the alkali the hot etc. physics and chemistry factor is all and more stable.But by in withdraw and activity keep the restriction of[with] technique the yield is quite a little and the price is expensive year in world withdraws to measure only several thousand grams can be used in a clinic to burn burn only and big area skin ulcerate disease of treatment each the gram EGF selling price is about USD 1000000.

The specifity of EGF family members for the EGF family of receptors

EGF function

A decide callous age degree

The young degree of the human body depends on a skin in the comparison had by new cell the new cell has another a skin young;New cell few skin decrepitude.The EGF is 'the epidermis cell growth factor' it can make the skin growth speed speed its content of how much influence a skin directly new the cell breed of quantity and decide skin of young degree.Person at young of time the EGF content is more the skin cell propagates to divide speed fast the new cell quantity is big in the decrepitude cell skin young;Along with the growth of the age the EGF content reduces gradually in the skin new the quantity of the cell gradual few in the decrepitude cell the skin starts decrepitude.The EGF content is more few the decrepitude degree of the skin more big.

Two resolve a basic skin problem

The small numerator egg white that the EGF is been sour by 53 An Jis to constitute because the numerator is like small is combined by body through the skin periostracum and the cell easily more make the decrepitude cell gradual'go against to divide' produce new-born cell and obstruct for the 'stem cell' skin of decrepitude;On the other hand the EGF can promote the base layer cell propagate to divide producing in great quantities new-born cell gradually to turn into toward the surface layer making the quantity of the new cell in the skin few in the decrepitude cell the decrepitude cell will become young gradually.So the EGF has essence differentiation to the function and traditional cosmetics of the skin.

The EGF and the comparison of the traditional cosmetics


Does the tradition turn?Article


Is a human body proper composition it in person with sex with reach 100% with source ?Poisonous side effect.

It isn't the composition of the human body have a double of different degree a blade sword function.


Direct?With the generation of the skin? Add nourishment make cell division and propagate improve skin quantity by the root.

Pass a physical function(the periostracum rub a removal) chemical effect(decay to cover up) the living creature function(complement the nourishment composition) to come to hairdressing.


In a skin metabolism period(28 days)?Reach a skin to synthesize to match hairdressing to protect skin result strongly builtly.

Only limit on a little bit a certainly only rise to cover up polish of result but can't improve the skin quantity to reach hypostatic result by the root.

The thousand people's usage is later on of result


30years old

40 years old

50 years old









7 days

The variety isn't obvious

The variety isn't obvious

Slightly the feeling is smooth

The variety isn't obvious

Slightly the feeling is smooth

Slightly the feeling is smooth

15 days

Slightly the feeling is smooth

The variety isn't obvious

Smooth and thin?Feeling

The bulky pore starts constringency the skin starts to be then delicate

Feel bright and sleek and have soft and smooth feeling

Feel bright and sleek and have soft impressions

30 days

Smooth and thin?Feeling

The skin starts having sheen

The skin is delicate to live smooth

The skin beginning is shining and rosy to dare increment

The skin is thin to slip the soft and smooth degree increase


In 1963 the United States got the chemist Stanley Cohen and the Italian embryologist Rita Levi gland to find under the small white rat Han a kind of had already promoted the freshman's small white rat eyelids open the tooth was the live composition of the Meng early.They find in this live set Ji quality that joins the development skin epidermis respectively it can promote the skin epidermis grow therefore will named after 'epidermis growth factor' this cent.These two scientists also acquire Nobel together for 1986 years a medical science prize because of this achievement.

EGF in the early years is applied to burn the burn and diabetes in the treatment cause of the feet department ulcerates aspect he was a kind of to stimulate a skin a growth of protein.The research finds he not only can promote the organization of[with] the cell growth and various epidermis divide to allergic sex skin skin burn the stomach ulcer mankind and the cornea of the animal hurt strong and sour change the frostbite such as processing(the tartaric acid AN is sour) and etc. of the skin etc. has already promoted the effect that the wound Yu matches.

EGF is an existent kind of the nature inside the human body small numerator protein is been sour by 53 An Jis to constitute.Was found by the research and the clinical studies the little EGF can immediately give the decrepitude cell freshman's energy making the cell divide a growth increment new the quantity of the cell can obstruct the skin decrepitude not only can also let decrepitude of the skin become young to have vitality.

Growing the factor accepting of main function and the cell surface machine stimulates the cell creation after combining a series of propagate and divide.The cell propagates incitement of needing to grow the factor the skin cell then can accelerate a rebirth.So the EGF directly decides the skin is the quantity of the cell lately.

The EGF content inside the young hour body many the skin cell propagates to divide speed fast the comparison of the new cell is big in the decrepitude cell skin smooth delicate and plentiful full and have flexibility along with the growth of the age the EGF content reduces gradually the metabolism speed of the cell decelerates gradually the comparison of the new cell is young to start decrepitude in the decrepitude cell skin appearing crease color spot aridity flabby have no light etc. phenomenon.So the EGF content of how much decide the young degree of the skin directly.If can add EGF in time can let the cell that have already weakened propagate an ability is strengthened make the quantity increment of the new cell reduce the average age of the skin arrestment skin decrepitude thus make the skin become young.So the EGF is the basic material that decides the skin age that is conversing time to let the skin reply a young important key.

Gene set

The EGF growth factor and wound repair

Tend to turn a function-promote the cell move accelerate a start a rebirth.

Propagate a function-promote cell division accelerate the wound Yu to match.

Rebuild a function-regulate gum to metabolize at first raise the repair quantity.

The EGF growth factor and skin health care

Increasing the skin organization can split up the cell number accelerating skin renewal.

Raise the cell metabolism level the clearance skin organizes a wastes.

Raising the skin organization collagen synthesizes an ability.

The EGF function machine turns

The EGF growth factor can promote the cell synthesize split up to increase in value renewing the skin cell and moistenning a skin.Applied protect a skin orthopedic surgery burn the wound repair Yu of the burn ulcer and various skin disease to match...etc. in the hairdressing.Study this the result hairdressing cosmetics in the main function has:

1.Recover normal function of skin:promote the cell propagate an abruption the new-born cell increases the skin increases thick recover the normal structure and physiology function.

2.Promote the skin repair Yu match:stimulate corn to turn the cell migration and the top skin to turn mightiness promote the epidermis repair to match and Yu.

3.Promote reborn resurrection:stimulate the fiber cell activity strengthen outside grass-roots constringency of cell and construct provide the skin nutrient to promote the Yu match with rebirth.

4.Tight the Zhi anti-wrinkle satisfied water:regulate a collagen with sticky many the carbohydrate secrete maintaining a skin to organize medium the humidity content and electrolyte metabolism improve to be short of water loose etc. of the thin Wen and crease moisten to organize tightly and actually.

5.Resist the scar formation formation:make stronger strengthen the skin tension strengthen a skin flexibility stimulate the scar organization to fade in color reduce scar formation formation.

6.Enhance a resistibility:pass to the function of the cell inside the blood vessel promote the new cell blood vessel become.The to build up encroaches upon to the environment the ultraviolet ray pollutant Min turn the resistibility of the the Yan cell.

The miraculous Wan can repair factor-----Six greatly miraculous effects

-Lustrous anti- Min:Rebuild the skin epidermis Zhang wall prevent a skin from?Department does the humidity run off can even start new keratin cell to increase to get to improve the epidermis layer of the aging skin more?More thin harassment.Solve a skin thoroughly because of epidermis of weak and can't maintain the moist degree anti- Min and meticulous degree of the skin.

-Resist aging:Start a skin to produce a fiber female cell inside the big numerator of the maintenance skin flexibility so first is female cell again route of travel another the skin become rejuvenated in old age.

-Promote metabolism:function in the fiber of the leather layer the keratin cell of female cell and the epidermis layer accelerate the cell metabolism make the skin reply young.

-The brightness is fair: can promote the base layer health cell of born reduce a skin in the melanin and have the quantity of the color cell make the spot downplay disappearance gradually recover a skin even and pure white.

-The sleek powder is delicate: promote afferent wall of skin of density strengthen the skin absorb and transport the nourishment function the skin presents a delicate good complexion of natural sheen powder.

-Protection rebirth:increment the cell guard against the harm ability repairing damaged cell another skin skin health integrity.

Apply the skin quality:any skin

Use opportune moment:strong power repair and maintenance improve easy sensitive appearance of skin resist dye to precipitate strengthen fair result resist aging decrease a veins own the sheen skin any skin wants to own young and healthy brilliance.

How use:

Everyday sooner or later sweep a skin behind make up a water behind take is put on in whole faceses just the right amount complete absorption tapped to make.

Can in any protect the skin Liao distance usage strengthen to maintain result.

Carry on fair maintain a period can in fair essence liquid behind use use again fair frost the result adds to ride.

Can be change of season of periodically strengthen to maintain prevent the skin sensitive from effectively unwell.

The applied realm of the EGF growth factor

1. Clinical medical science:Burn burn the skin ulcer stomach ulcer son?The neck is debauched the radio ulcer cornea hurt bedsore.

2. The skin cares:Going to the pox sunburn repair increases the skin flexibility and sheen.

3. Eyes care:The cornea chronic that the television the computer radiation causes hurts the contact lens cause of the cornea hurt see fatigue.

4. The mouth cavity(tooth) health care:The tooth Yin atrophies the tooth Yin Yan mouth cavity ulcerate.

5. The appetite cares:Intestinal ulcer increase?The old people digest absorption.

The repair function of the EGF growth factor

The EGF full name is the epidermis cell growth factor existing in the body fluid of the nature animal saying simply each time a kind of animal at get hurt of time from realize to secrete growth factor to urge wound nature repair this phenomenon calls it as from the Liao mechanism causing of the reason is the order that the EGF gene in the cell descends to attain from the Liao making the cell acceleration grow also young turn.

The EGF is in the function on the skin it acceleration growth and go against to divide of characteristic make skin young to have vitality sheen and have flexibility so have already defended to the aging skin wrinkly go to wrinkly and thin spot new-born skin increment the skin flexibility and sheen repair damage of skin resolve the F synthesize of melanin have good improvement result.

The EGF conversion principle

Make use of EGF 3D structure principle start sour hormone of the egg white Lao ammonia through information conduct the system cause cell to change inside a series of bio-chemical promoting the small numerator compound transport actively from environment outside the cell;The old and old cell activates because of the RNA and the protein at this time making static of the cell enter the abruption period promoting the cell propagate a conversion.

In the human body skin the EGF turns to conduct the living creature information to the cell through the phosphoric acid of a series of cell factor inside.

The body cell divides process normally

Stem cell →new-born cell →mature cell →decrepitude cell

Under the EGF the epidermis cell divide propagates speed to speed;Cell had already divided maturity in the meantime also formation under the EGF function stem cell stem cell again divide into new cell continuously.Under EGF this kind of function the new cell is in the skin comparison gradually big in the comparison of the decrepitude cell make the skin become thus young have vitality.

The EGF growth factor to normal the skin organize of influence

The EGF is in the function of the hairdressing:

1.Delicate skin function

The EGF can stimulate an outside Pei layer with inside various cell of the Pei layer origins propagate migration speeding the result that the metabolism reaches the skin metabolism.Can also promote in the meantime afferent wall cell of skin of metabolism the increment hair the density of the thin blood vessel improve a skin is tiny circulation make spirit blood thus smooth the skin color is rosy.

2.Moisten a skin

The EGF can promote the DNA RNA and the living creature of the function protein synthesize can promote the outside big numerator(as transparent quality sour and flexible fiber egg white etc.) of cell synthesize and secrete increasing a skin to contain amount of water then increasing a skin flexibility moistenning a skin.


The EGF promotes the cell nourishment material carry to the cell actively from the outside of the cell increment nourishment in the cell quickly born and new-born cell make the decrepitude cell fast the corn turn shed off promoting the leather layer cell secrete to synthesize gum original fiber many sugar the sugar egg white etc. the function numerator make to have already split become sexual gum original the fiber and flexible fiber get a repair the muscle fiber arranges tidy close reduce thus with face-lifting.

4.Repair wound

Pass to is subjected to a body with EGF to combine the incitement epidermis(include various last skin cell various quality cells that organize source) cell into the cell division period start some important function genes inside the cell to activate express secrete live protein etc. of living creature.Urging the original fiber of gum presents the line form alignment the epidermis cell fast rule growth in time overlay wound.The obvious acceleration hairdressing the facial plastic surgery Shu wound Yus such as back and other skin wound etc.s match and keeps wound neat and smoothes making scar formation reduce or disappear and reduce dye to sink

5.Prevent a dye spot

The EGF propagates the epidermis cell stronger promote function usage back the epidermis cell become young to turn making the new-born cell comparison increase reducing a skin in the melanin and having the content of the color cell making the epidermis organize medium less have dye and die cell to remain to wait for an accumulation make the skin express pure white and smooth remove the Yu spot and dye calm and steady wait for an excrescent skin performance.Can stop the dye spot to relapse effectively at going to the treatment of the spot to expect to use EGF with convalescent period.

6.Prevention and treatment the skin is dry and cracked

Because the EGF has stronger promote the epidermis cell propagate and moisten skin of function testing certificate EGF can prevent and cure a winter dry and cold weather etc. reason to cause very availably of the skin is dry and cracked.

The EGF is on the hairdressing of apply scope

1.The commonness maintains:Moisten a skin provide the nutrient and water and prevent a skin from aging and white deeply red.

2.Special maintain: Flexibility repaired cave hole of even skin removed and reduced the skin crease and the formation of the coarseness and strengthened a skin quickly.

3.Medical science hairdressing:The quickly active repair changes a skin Wen eyebrow and order the harm skin of the birthmark dark Chuang and plastic surgery back.Burn burn the dermatitis wound wound repair.Strengthening the wound of the skin faces of anti- piece degree reduce the formation of the scar formation raises the degree that the Yu matches.

In the EGF usage familiar problem

Q 1:EGF how make the skin become young?

A 1:The human body cell divides process normally for:stem cell →new-born cell →mature cell →decrepitude cell.Under the EGF function the epidermis cell divide propagates speed to speed;Have already divided in the meantime mature of the cell also goes against to divide into a stem cell under the EGF function stem cell again divide new-born cell continuously.Under EGF these two kinds of functions the new cell is in the skin the comparison occupied gradually big in the comparison of the decrepitude cell make the skin become thus young.

Q 2:Why can the EGF obstruct skin decrepitude by the root?

A 2:In the human body skin the EGF turns to conduct the living creature information to the cell through the phosphoric acid of a series of cell factor inside strengthen the sugar Xiao solution activate outside transparent quality of cell sour the sugar egg white etc. the big numerator synthesize activating DNA to synthesize activating RNA to turn to record to synthesize with egg white promoting the cell propagate to divide thus maintaining cell a growth.The EGF can also strengthen the function that the cell represses the Diao Wu gene Bcl-2 in the meantime arriving imperial cause DNA inside the cell split the incitement of the foreign factor(as ultraviolet ray low temperature medicine hormone...etc.) of the variation prevent the cell Diao Wu from increase the anti- interference ability of the skin obstruct by the root skin of decrepitude.