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一、The brief introduction of the HGF liver cell growth factor:

HGF growth factor

Together the righteousness phrase name for HGF protein:

Dissipation factor; SF; Hepatopoeitin A ; The Hepatocyte growth factor isoform preproprotein; The Hepatocyte growth factor; HGF ; HPTA ; Anti-HGF protein.

The Hepatocyte growth factor(HGF) is a multi-function growth factor that adjust to control the cell growth and cell and can move sex.It exerts to the hepatocytes with mainly ascend the strong mitotic function of the skin cell.The HGF increases the colony formation that the effect and Interleukin and stimulate the hematopoietic ancestry cell in the tube with can therefore and adjust hematopoiesis.


Combine again person HGF is produced in the Baculovirus is a heterodimer. Many Suo amino acids the chain sons that the non- Pu Ji turns include amino acids chain sons chain son have the total numerator a great deal of more than .

The HGF depends on privately owned of the color compose analytical technique decontamination.


The HGF is one strong mitogen for mature cell of parenchymal hepatocyte is a hepatotrophic factor apparently with Be grow up factor for comprehensiveness of the scope organize with cell type.It has no the protease activity that be able to find.

Second unit:

The AN Er method chain son and a beta chain son of two gathered a body to link by two sulphide bonds.


Belong to a peptidase S1 family.The afterbirth syrup plain original subfamily[ the viewpoint categorize].


Include kringle realms.


The Hepatocyte growth factor's adjusting to control cell growth cell can move sex taking place with appearance by activate the Fen Ji B ammonia sour kinase signal cascade Be tying up hereafter meet to the proto oncogenic c of feeling organ.The Hepatocyte growth factor is hidden by the mesenchymal cell and the action is one multi-function cytokine to mainly ascend skin origins in the cell.Its ability incitement mitogenesis cell can move sex invading with matrix to it in the angiogenesis tumorogenesis with organize a leading role of the rebirth.

It is hidden is only much more inert Suo amino acids and the grenadine ammonia the sour proteases slice open to go into kDa AN Er method chain son with beta chain son.Two sulphide bonds produce to stimulate between the method of AN Er and the beta chain son heterodimeric numerator.The protein do not belong to original subfamily peptidases of the S1 afterbirth syrup vegetable but do not has the protease activity that can find.Providing the choice joins together this gene to cause several handwritten copies transform to input different isoforms.



Become the fiber cell pure liquid Hepatocytes the cell surface cell inside urethra Mesenchymal matrix blood plasma outside the cell blood vessel huge bite cell the liver tumor liver cancer.

Marrow Hematopoietic Granulocyte the cell quality the blood cell leukocyte the stomach and intestines way crumb the blood skin Mucosa lung inside the silk the Stromal cell the blood plasma film the perimeter blood Mesenchyme artery vein. 

Protein function:

Cytokines Phosphotransferases the Oncogene protein the feeling organ Peptide cell division the Fen Ji B ammonia sour metabolism the film sugar egg white Interleukins the Peptide water solution  antigen surface

The Angiogenic protein the pure liquid globulin insulin the esophagus hormone the feeling organ immunology the antigen divides the Mitogen activated egg white to arouse the Hematopoietic cell growth factor the cell sticks to attaching the power numerator(cam) the Phosphatidylinositolg signal system the immunity globulin the tumor marking living creature blood solidify factor the Peptide hormone the Neuroectodermal tumor colony stimulate of factor virus management protein proper go together with the machine protein the signal Transducing Cytokine feeling organ feeling organ Cytokine.


Benign tumor transfer the gland cancer liver cancer the liver disease tuberculosis leukemia the germ cell tumor the tooth disease the neck Cancer horoscope become pregnant the mammary glands cancer the cancer hepatitis of the epidermis kind the blood disease heart attack lung cancer the Squamous cell cancer the lung tumor the breast tumor the horoscope of Colorectal Cancer lymphoid lump the Colorectal tumor the gland virus the part lacks the heart attack of the blood the stomach Cancer horoscope Lymphadenopathy stomach cancer myocardial infarction endocrine.


二、 The HGF liver cell growth factor of of research

The liver cell gene's adjusting to control a meeting is a biennial meeting it holds in the New York Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of the United States is periods for days from April May attend a number about people.This meeting emphasizes in the cell biology(the cell biology) and the development biology(the developmental biology) of the liver Taiwan attends the unit of this meeting not much only the Yangming medical college announced a thesis by handwritten wall posters other medical colleges come of the persons are all few remarkable was a NHRI(Taiwanese health institute for research) to invite a few scholars to attend the decision maker that show Taiwanese academic circles also starts valuing the research of this aspect.Will win learn to of the knowledge is quite a few belonging to the research stage mostly and still trying a brief introduction as follows: 


The earlier period of liver develops

Knows currently growth of the liver has two main steps in the embryo period:A in early days in the embryo the quality organization(mesenchyma) of the heart would guide(induce) to near to its to start splitting up inside the Pei layer cell.Two these partite cells will move to go to medium Pei layer and beginning to take place the liver cell to divide(differentiation).Aim at such observation the Dr in the Brown university. The Zarat detection can the heart embryo cell with inside the Pei layer cell do common development(co-culture) and make to split up and increase to get and divide toward the direction creation of the liver cell inside the Pei layer cell occurrence.And the fiber female cell growth factor(the fibroblast growth factor) may be guide one of the factors among them.Dr come by the Amsterdam university. Spijker then for studying the leading factor in more detail turn a cDNA library into(transfect) to the COS cell again take the egg white that it expresses to take in to test seeing can guide which one to divide into liver cell inside the Pei layer cell. Will be able to find out new leading factor(the induction factor) thus.Is similar to such experiment although time spent is longer(about years) can acquire some progresses of substances and can immediately carry on in a laboratory. 

The signal transmission and gene adjust to control

On the cell signal transmission of the liver cell have two important paths are what we should knows many researches all is related with this twos.Trying Chien says as follows:A paths will be combined by body with of the dissolubility then with one egg white function of the cell membrane this function can cause a Kinase that the cell quality faces to activate delivering a message toward the cell nucleus by the STAT or the MAP Kinase subsequently;TwoTNF(or the Fas ligend) and the TNF of the cell membrane are combined by body the numerator(as TRADD) that causes the cell quality to face activates starting the ICE egg white enzyme system and causing Apoptosis subsequently to start NF-kB and deliver a message to the cell nucleus perhaps inside.Among them the NF-kB message delivers of result usually is tell the cell demand splits up and the ICE egg white enzyme then causes the suicide behavior on the contrary how both adjust to control is an interesting problem.

Adjust to control egg white and can accordingly belong to clans(families) mostly in the gene in the liver cell nucleus:HNF-1(the Hepatocyte nuclear factor) HNF HNF and the PAR egg white.Many laboratories all round these to adjust to control the factor dozen to turn and try to find out some rules.Try to give examples as follows:


A the expression of A type embryo's egg white adjust to control:This egg white drives the upper stream sequence of the son to have threes to regulate area:E1 .The Dr of the Kentucky university. The Spean usage turns into the gene rat(the transgenic mice) to does research detection taking nd to be used as egg white to express respectively of adjusting and controling factor can make egg white a cardiovascular side expression in the liver the organization of.The Dr of the Pittsburgh university. The Locker then finds a factor combine to one embryo egg white gene to drive the son up and this factor have the phenomenon that the high quantity exists in the liver cancer the organization


The α adjusts to control:The Dr in the Baylor College of Medicine. The Darlington finds using's turning into the gene rat to do an experiment can build up one guidable system .When α is guided enter abruption period of the liver cell the number reduces namely.


The further research finds the α can make the egg whites(repress factor) steady to settle down and make its density rise.Contrarily in α pick out(the knock out) the rat densities descend and enter abruption period of the liver cell the number rises namely.

The molecular biology of the liver rebirth

Currently at liver reborn aspect the research of the molecular biology is in the start now.Each research unit that is in the meeting becomes a concept gradually but hasn't yet been very explicit.After all being cut off with partial or greatly parts of livers generally the liver occurrence left rebirth of procedure is research object.At the molecular biology aspect the liver cell rebirth can be divided into three period segments about:

Issue regards the live increment of the TNF and the as principle the cell starts splitting up and enters cell cycle at this time;

Issue with the activity of the HGF and TGH etc. growth factor increase as is lord the cell can keep on a growth at this time;

Issue with the activity of and the increase high is lord the liver cell turns into a stage of dividing the completion.Such viewpoint is unclear to present in the meeting but still has experiment evidence to challenge this parlance the following is some interesting experiment result:


A the Dr of the Washington university. The Fausto finds that pick out a rat in the the liver cuts off partially and can't is reborn after its liver and the liver fat increase quickly but if give can with generation the process of the Chang rebirth and the Dr in the Rem university. The Taub finds picks out a rat to also have the liver rebirth not whole phenomenon.At the impatient is poisoned the apoptosis of the liver cell increment;And at the chronic is poisoned the liver fiber turns increment.


Two Pitts- The Dr of the burgh university.The Michalopeulos finds if the matrix of the liver is complete then giving HGF the liver cell have no function.If digest matrix with the collagenase the HGF then can make the liver cell carry on to the to hand over boundary.


Three the Dr of the Johns Hopkins.The Diehl finds after the liver cut off partially the TNF α and IFNr increase one after another and use antibody to moderate the TNF α and can remove a reborn function.


Four Dr. The Chisari laboratory then finds a contrary result then uses the liver rebirth that the anti-TNF α also can't obstruct a rat.These experiments all in the animal make and whether mankind also apply a such mode or not?


The besides well worth mentioning the Dr of the Brown university. The Dr of the Shafritz and Seatle.Grope build up and apply to a system of doing the experiment.They use an affinal rat of gene to be come out by the separation in the liver of an among thoses the liver cell again beat into another a spleens perhaps door vein vein in.These liver cells can make duplicate and grow up a type of leaf with little liver in the recipient liver.Their next target is before the donor liver cell didn't place into the recipient liver does it some changes(for example the gene transfer) on the genes transplant again recipient.If this system is successful will be a have greatly can be of system. 


The liver is a human body is a marvellous organ its stonishing reborn ability attracts the cell living creature scholar of the world everyplace particularly.It is a research cell rebirth signal to deliver the organ divide to develop very nice system.Taiwan is the nation that a liver cell cancer spreads widely and the numerator machine of its formation turn still is a riddle that didn't solve up to now.Devoted to this scholar connect again again fierce.






三、The HGF liver cell grows the effect of the factor:

Because the HGF liver cell growth factor has already promoted the hair grow the strong and healthy hair Cheng blood vessel of inside skin.

Therefore can cure the male hormone source vegetable to take off hair.

The male hormone source takes off hair

The male hormone source takes off the outbreak mechanism research of the hair: the male hormone source take off hair and then call a male type to take off hair is the most familiar head of clinic to carry on sex and have certain and characteristic take off hair.Its pathologic distinguishing feature is the comparison that the growth expects the hair bag and stops to expect the hair bag by normal of decline to the hair bag shrinks to the hair bag density gradually by normal of the adult reduce to the sex hormone activity inside the hair bag lead strong may be because partial factor if the sex hormone is increased by the body quantity or the partial two hydrogen Gao Tong(DHT)ses produce increment be an also likely to be whole body various factor cause two hydrogen Gao Tong in the circulating blood the quantity increase.


The Gao Tong at revivification The catalyst descends a change two hydrogen Gao Tongs. revivification The activity expects to compare to stop a period to be high in the hair bag growth two hydrogen Gao Tong and the Gao Tong competition same be subjected to a body but the affinity of two the hydrogen Gao Tongs is the Gao Tong above.And two hydrogen Gao Tongs can repress egg white The nexin-1 synthesizes that Is the silk ammonia sour egg white Suppress a product test to show it is obviously related with the rat hair nipple cell maintenance hair growth ability.The importance that grows factor to the hair growth in recent years adjusts to control a function to cause people's value more more the growth factor is adjustable to control growth of the skin to propagate influence to the cell division of the hair bag department growing period with hair also germane.The animal experiment and the hair bag body develop confimation epidermis to grow factor(EGF) conversion a growth factor(TGF) outside become the fiber cell growth the factor(FGF) the cell motive increase the skin cell in the benefit factor(KGF) the insulin kind growth factor(IGF) the liver cell growth factor(HGF) blood vessel a growth factor etc. have already promoted or suppress manufacture to use to the hair growth.Will be advantageous to the research to be taken bad the mechanism to MA and the research of the treatment to the research of the hair bag cell factor and the growth factor.


The hairdressing result of the HGF liver cell growth factor

The HGF liver cell growth factor can promote the cell synthesize split up to increase in value renewing the skin cell and moistenning a skin.Applied protect a skin orthopedic surgery burn the wound repair Yu of the burn ulcer and various skin disease to match...etc. in the hairdressing.Study this the result hairdressing cosmetics in the main function has:

1.Recover normal function of skin:promote the cell propagate an abruption the new-born cell increases the skin increases thick recover the normal structure and physiology function.

2.Promote the skin repair Yu match:stimulate corn to turn the cell migration and the top skin to turn mightiness promote the epidermis repair to match and Yu.

3.Promote reborn resurrection:stimulate the fiber cell activity strengthen outside grass-roots constringency of cell and construct provide the skin nutrient to promote the Yu match with rebirth.

4.Tight the Zhi anti-wrinkle satisfied water:regulate a collagen with sticky many the carbohydrate secrete maintaining a skin to organize medium the humidity content and electrolyte metabolism improve to be short of water loose etc. of the thin Wen and crease moisten to organize tightly and actually.

5.Resist the scar formation formation:make stronger strengthen the skin tension strengthen a skin flexibility stimulate the scar organization to fade in color reduce scar formation formation.

6.Enhance a resistibility:pass to the function of the cell inside the blood vessel promote the new cell blood vessel become.The to build up encroaches upon to the environment the ultraviolet ray pollutant Min turn the resistibility of the the Yan cell.

Six greatly miraculous effects

Lustrous anti- Min:

Rebuild the skin epidermis Zhang wall prevent a skin from Department does the humidity run off can even start new keratin cell to increase to get to improve the epidermis layer of the aging skin more More thin harassment.Solve a skin thoroughly because of epidermis of weak and can't maintain the moist degree anti- Min and meticulous degree of the skin.

Resist aging:

Start the big numerator of the maintenance skin flexibility in the skin a creation a fiber female cell so first is female cell again route of travel another the skin become rejuvenated in old age.


Promote a metabolism:

Function in the fiber of the leather layer the keratin cell of female cell and the epidermis layer the acceleration cell metabolism make the skin reply young.

The brightness is fair:

Can promote the base layer health cell of born reduce the melanin in the skin and have the quantity of the color cell make the spot downplay disappearance gradually recover a skin even and pure white.


The sleek powder is delicate:

Promote afferent wall of skin of density strengthen the skin absorb and transport the nourishment function the skin presents a delicate good complexion of natural sheen powder.

Protection rebirth:

The defense of increasing the cell hurts an ability repairing damaged cell another skin skin health integrity.