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Sandalwood oil is suitable for aging dry and dehydrated skin which can dilute scars fine lines moisturize the skin prevent wrinkles; with calm qualities can calm nervous tension and anxiety make people relax; with aphrodisiac properties efficient kidney relaxing nerves Improvement is frigid.

The fine sandalwood oil must be extracted from the 'core material' of India's old trees over 30 years old. It is watered by the girl's right hand on weekdays as if it is a deity. Due to the local government’s efforts to protect the earth’s ecological balance it has clearly stipulated the number of annual cuts.

Product Name: Sandalwood Oil

Essential oil appearance: light yellow brown liquid

Aroma: A sweet and gentle aroma unique to sandalwood

With essential oils: basil laurel cypress mastic bergamot geranium lavender jasmine orange blossom rose vetiver grass.

Skin efficacy

It has the function of promoting the growth of skin cells. It can quickly recover wounds or scars so it has elasticity and tightening effect. It can balance and soften skin improve dryness and lighten texture. It is especially suitable for aging dry and dry skin and neck maintenance.

For dry skin hardened skin keratin dry eczema trauma etc. can be used.

Makes the skin soft it is an excellent neck cream;

Antibacterial effect improve skin itching inflammation improve facial paralysis warts and infected wounds. Dropping a few drops of sandalwood oil into the hot water of the foot can achieve the purpose of activating the meridian of the blood circulation and can also achieve the effect of removing beriberi and foot odor.

Physiological efficacy

1. Very helpful to the genitourinary system eliminate inflammation of the reproductive system can improve cystitis used to massage the kidneys has the effect of clear blood and anti-inflammatory.

2. Its aphrodisiac properties can improve sexual problems such as sexual sensation and sexual incompetence.

3. When the mucous membrane is inflamed sandalwood can make the patient feel comfortable and help to sleep. It stimulates the immune system and prevents bacterial infections. It is also an excellent bactericidal agent for lungs especially suitable for persistent and irritational dry cough.

4. Equilibrate Hormonal Secretion: 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil is added to 5ml massage base oil applied to the reproductive organs can regulate hormone secretion and its antibacterial effect can also purify and treat inflammation of the reproductive system. Sandalwood has aphrodisiac effect on men. And increase men's confidence and personal charm.

Psychological effect

It has a relaxing and calming effect. It relieves stress and brings a peaceful atmosphere. It increases the sense of fulfillment and relaxes the whole body. It is especially suitable for practicing yoga incense for meditation and quick relaxation.

Other effects

Men can add sandalwood oil in the astringent water after shave which can smooth the skin relieve itching and inhibit bacterial growth.

Magic Formula Editor

Nourish skin: 2 drops of sandalwood 1 drop of geranium 1 drop of orange blossom 10 ml of jojoba oil - massage the face.

Prevent bacterial infections: sandalwood 3 drops tea tree 3 drops lavender 2 drops - fumigation.

Bronchitis sore throat: 2 drops of sandalwood 1 drop of eucalyptus - fumigation.

Quotations: Sandalwood 3 drops Rose 2 drops Lavender 1 drop - bath.

Antibacterial moisturizing: 1 drop of sandalwood 1 drop of rose 1 drop of lavender 10 ml of lotion - massage the whole body.

Fade fine lines: 1 drop of sandalwood 1 drop of rosemary 10 ml base oil - massage the face.

Applicable symptoms edit

Relax the spirit unite the soul ward off evil spirits solve the anger relief antibacterial gastrointestinal detoxification antitussive diarrhea and genitourinary system.

Precautions Edit

1. The effect of aphrodisiac is well known and used with caution.

2. Aroma has a long lasting power and often remains after the laundry is cleaned.

3. Avoid using it when you are depressed because it may make you feel less emotional.

Related Knowledge Editing

Introduction of Sandalwood

Sandalwood has occupied a sacred position in the hearts of Chinese people since ancient times. In the history of the imperial dynasty furniture was designated to be made of old sandalwood. The emperor's study room and bedroom continued to burn sandalwood inhale sandalwood and sit on sandalwood to increase reiki. Later spread to the people all business owners will burn sandalwood in the store to attract wealth and evil so that the popularity of prosperity business will grow bigger and bigger. And sandalwood is also indispensable for the Buddha to worship the Buddha. It is obvious that the use of sandalwood is very extensive.

The origin of sandalwood

Sandalwood has a long history. It is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit classics and Chinese classics. Sandalwood oil has long been used for religious ceremonies. Many statues and temples are carved with sandalwood. The ancient Egyptians imported sandalwood for medicinal purposes antiseptics or burning gods during religious ceremonies and also for carving art works. Ancient Indian all-round medical Ayurveda pointed out that Sandalwood has a make-up convergence and fever-reducing properties. A paste powder can be used to treat skin irritation abscesses and tumors. This use of skin ulcers was also mentioned in Ji Bo's 'medicine' paper in 1663. The Indian Pharmacopoeia regards sandalwood as a perspiration agent and is said to be mixed with milk to cure pus leakage - the secretion of purulent mucus.

The effectiveness of sandalwood

In 1868 Dr. Handerson a Dr. Glaswegian physician in the United Kingdom cited the success of Sandalwood as a cure for pus and caught the attention of the medical community. Later French physicians Panas Laber and Bordier confirmed these studies. At the time in France 40 grams of sandalwood capsules were given to the patient five times a day: After 40 minutes of swallowing the patient's anti-liquid gave off a strong sandalwood scent. At the beginning of the 20th century the therapeutic use of sandalwood was as follows: mucous secretion of chronic bronchitis all epidemic problems (cystitis bladder infection and inflammation). Sandalwood is also used to treat diarrhea. Asian and Arab people use sandalwood oil to treat a variety of diseases. Europe is mostly used for perfumes and soaps. It used to play an important role in aromatherapy in the past. When used for treatment it is often mixed with peruvian balm or taru balsam or Melaleuca or chamomile and coated with dermatitis caused by allergies eczema abscesses and dry skin. At the same time the aroma of sandalwood also has a soothe the nerves to help sleep! Silent reveals holiness Although sandalwood has a wide range of uses traditional sandalwood rings and powdered sandalwood can cause uncomfortable breathing and cause indoor air cloudiness and lung damage. Jacobs plant essential oils incense method the Asians love the sandalwood made of essential oils in the health and fresh air but also exudes a sacred atmosphere allowing you to concentrate the mind is quiet in the path of life With wisdom play potential and create wealth.

Planting status

The provinces that are planted as economic trees in China mainly include Guangdong Guangxi Hainan Fujian and Taiwan. The most famous planting area is the sandalwood research base of Longzhu Zhudao Gaoyao City Zhaoqing City Guangdong Province. Won the first China sandalwood theme professional exhibition of representative units the national precious tree species development forum conference demonstration base the Chinese Academy of Sciences South China Botanical Garden. Sandalwood planting demonstration base.

Institute of Tropical Forestry Chinese Academy of Forestry Sandalwood Experimental Base China Famous Brand Product Demonstration Base and Leading Unit of Quality of Similar Products etc. It is a professional sandalwood research cultivation and demonstration base supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese and foreign sandalwood scholars. It has complete facilities and unique style and implements closed management. It covers an area of about 500 acres and is planted with tens of thousands of high-quality varieties of sandalwood and tens of thousands of other southern and subtropical economic forest trees. Guided by international advanced technology it has achieved breakthrough results and become domestically successful in just a few years. Sandalwood is the representative unit of this species.